SOLD WTS 19.6m SP PVP Pilot


Positive Isk
Unallocated SP 1,634,561

B/O> 20B

Please Answer, 20 is the Buyout ?

I have that in plexes but dont ant sell before confirm the price buyout. Or you accept 4900 plex ?

be care full

plex not allowed to caracter trade

I dont know thanks for tell me ok-- 20b is the buy out ?

if he scamm you the ccp give back your ISK if “ISK” was sended. If choose plex you can loose all.

My fault. I justly convert 20b to plex yesterday.

Yes its a 20B B/O. And you are protected by CCP in character bazaar

Sold, give mye 10 minutes.

Ok no Problem, send isk and account details and ill transfer asap

isk and account name sent.

Pilot Transferred, tnx


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