Plex, is not an in game item?

@ISD please clarify your position on PLEX. You are closing down people’s market posts when they say they will accept PLEX (the in game item purchasable for real money, redeemable for in game Omega time, AND sellable for ISK).

The general ISD claim is that Plex is not an in game item and it cannot be accepted for a market transaction.

Please clarify your new and confusing position.

You can only use ISK when selling or buying in game items.

ISK is the in game currency not PLEX. You buy everything in game (not counting NES) with ISK

Attempting to buy something with PLEX can make it look like you are attempting RMT. So to prevent that, items and characters are sold or bought using ISK only

Also to get an isd to answer you need to tag the actual isd like in your example

@ISD_Drew or @ISD_Traindriver. @isd does nothing

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I hear you, but here are seven examples of ISDs not caring about that. If it is against policy, cool, EXPLAIN THAT. Don’t simply close peoples market posts and waste people’s time. Thank you for your response.

You recognize the difference? What you linked are item exchange offers (WTT) as PLEX are items, not a currency.

You can find all relevant rules for selling in here:

The place to sell your ships, modules, finished goods and raw materials in EVE.

This forum section is for in game transactions using in game items only.

In addition to the regular forum rules, there are rules specific to this forum that must be followed when posting sell orders.

**Only sales of In-Game items for In-Game ISK are permitted in this forum.

  1. Threads started in this forum are for items that are For Sale, for in-game ISK only. Characters are explicitly excluded.

  2. If you wish to auction an item, please use the auctions subcategory.

  3. If you wish to price check an item, please use the price checks subcategory.

  4. When a deal has been made please change the thread title and the opening post stating that the item is no longer for sale.

  5. Bumping is allowed only by the character who started the thread once per 24 hours. Friendly or multiple bumps per day are not permitted.

  6. Bumping must consist of a real sentence, not simply the word “bump”. For example: “Auction still open” is an acceptable bump.

  7. If you wish to sell several items at one time please put up one thread and do not start a new thread for each item.

  8. This forum is for selling items. You may reply to the threads with bids or questions regarding the item. All other posts are off topic and will be removed.

  9. Anti-competitive behavior and trolling will be actioned under the forum rules. Final discretion lies with the CCP Community Team on whether behavior is categorized this way.

  10. You may not sell or resell an item for a player that has been banned from the forums.

  11. You may not advertise, or post links to 3rd party or private run auctions on another site.