Event is not intended for alpha

this event is a perfect example of why this game doesnt have more players by that i mean i am an alpha i cant do any of the events without help and i cant do any of the exploration or mining events due to the need to be omega. now this event is timed with xmax which would indicate to me that the game is tring to spread goodwill but by making it unplayable by alpha really sucks u need to alter the parameters to allow alpha players to get some of the rewards


use a sunesis for the highsec data sites. Use sister core probe and launchers,2 or 3 tech 1 range finders and tech 1 data analyzer.


will give it a try thx

Just in case you haven‘t noticed it yet, EVE is a massive MULTIPLAYER game. Join a corp, get some friends and do the sites together. You will find out that this makes twice the fun!


data sites are difficulty IV. not sure they can be scanned with alpha skills ?

With 136 probe strength I need to go 0.25 AU range.

i was able to scan them down at 91 probe str


that would be great except i cant do mining as alpha due to ice mining equipment is omega

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Events tend to alternate between those that are alpha friendly and those that are more challenging / suited to omega’s.

With a game this vast it is almost impossible for CCP to please everyone all of the time.


they can. They just need to zoom in the cosmic signature and point the scanner box accurately. I always pop level IV sites when I’m an alpha with no implants

Shocking. Game designed to be based around a monthly subscription doesn’t give you access to all of its content unless you pay a monthly subscription. The horror.


By the way. If a player can’t survive as an alpha, How can He survive as an omega? Omega needs to jump in low, wormhole, null and t4 t5 abyss. It’s a waste of omega time if an omega will just stay in highsec.

Pay your sub, cheapskate…


Of course it’s not intended for alphas - CCP is a business and needs money to run the game. “Alpha” are probably intended as trial accounts to try and entice you to switch to Omega.


It’s a waste of omega time if an omega will just stay in highsec.

oh boy, there are so many out there i already told this, still, there always will be ‘those guys’

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I have an alpha account, and it can do data sites and combat sites just fine. The problem comes when the list of tasks is nothing but mining tasks and ones that force you to fly to null/lowsec to do combat sites…as if some new alpha is going to risk bringing a BS into gank space. The task list needs to refresh daily in my opinion.

You can do the event, but you will eventually run out of tasks that you can do.


YOUR way of playing does not apply to everyone. YOUR opinion of what the game is does not apply to everyone. The game is whatever each individual player WANTS it to be…as the makers intended and stated it is…not what you and your narrow opinion believe it to be.

I take great pride in being a pure solo player for the last 3+ years. I find it much more fun than having to share spoils with teammates, and the challenge of solo play is far more satisfying to me.


There’s some good feedback in this thread, though, tasks should time out and change, if I’m not going to null sec or not going to mine or to explore today, and not going tomorrow either, I’m surely not going to do it during the rest of the event.

Other than that, I like this event quite a lot.


I have been dabbling for some ridiculous amount of time. I convinced my friend to play with me this time around. I had him level so we could do the youil event more safely. Then I tried the event in a omen. Got lit up, saw after first impact on my shields that my incoming damage was to high to sustain and instantly warped out from 3 combat sites with the same name in high sec. So i got my zealot out, went in to the same type of site, and found it empty. Scratched my head then four ships warped in, I went ahah! and opened up on them, then two more warped in, then another; 3 more than any of the other times total and i suddenly grow dubious my tank will hold and decide to warp out… Of course then i realize they also have warp disruptors, (something i hadn’t seen them use on my omen when i tested the waters.) Long short I dumped drones, prayed, and either their cap gave out or the drones caused them to break disruption for whatever reason and i warped away.

First off… Maybe if your going to post a christmas spirit event with fluffy snowballs in the same tree as go to get your face ****** to death at a site you should put a warning that it is wildly dangerous with every type of debuff.
And now i get to tell my new friend “oh never mind we cant go there, because there is no way i can make it safe. Maybe we can go mining but gimme a hour to check the forums just in case that is a murderous high sec death pit to. I know you don’t like pvp and don’t want to join yet another faceless group of a hundred people you wont know in five years, but im sure we will be able to find some non modern content to play just as long as we stay clear of any event related things.”

Simply this event is awful, because its a seasonal event wearing the face of inclusion; but only includes corps in any reasonable way. I myself cannot imagine a greater seasonal event nightmare than being forced to socially manipulate some bunch of strangers into hiring me so we can, bicker over loot, hear them whine about my play style, restrict my freedoms through a series of ridiculous corp rules, and then tax me for it. Just so i can dump them after Christmas.

Event is awful and worse than reverse of inclusive as exclusion wouldn’t dust a 300 mil ship, at least i got lucky.

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Lots of good points made but it certianly does not seem this event was made for alphas or new players of any type, nor was it meant to be a bundle of Christmas cheer.

Eve is sadomasochism with a spaceship theme. In that respect, the event is pretty consistent. And oh, BTW, anyone playing, save devs and maybe some of their pets, are open to receive the lash. But there are ways to avoid the lash if you really want to and your brain is middling functional. If not, then enjoy the pain or play something else.


That’s not a problem.