Unfair event!

This upwell event is extremly unfair, since only a selected few are alowed to run them, since its loacalization limit. Owning forces actively hunting event runners, and its pretty inconvinient that someone can just undock and do it, others have to waste hours with jumoing 20-30s just to find one.
Make it awilable for everyone, becouse ppl think you guys got bribed by those factions, so they can exploit the new ship hype first hand.


Sorry it was too funny not to post the Urban Dictionary meaning :wink:

I honestly don’t understand what the OPs complaint actually is.
Anyone can do the new anomalies. Something is pretty inconvenient, apparently but I’m not sure what.

I think OP is worried about the fact that, i quote the patch note “Look for Upwell Covert Research Facilities on the anomaly scanner in low security space as well as areas of nullsec associated with Upwell member corporations (Syndicate, Outer Ring and the U-7RBK constellation in Pure Blind).”

are you like those clowns who think that eve should be “fair”?
then i suppose you would like all moons to be exactly the same in each system?
all systems to be at the same range from Jita?
All regions should have the same ice type and the same isotopes?
every system should have the same number of relic sites?

move your ass, compete with others, find the sites before them, or kill the guys in the site. This event is supposed to act a s a conflict generator

I never think it should be fair, I do however, think OP has a point in this case. There is a difference between reasonable and unreasonable restrictions in any game. This event crosses the line, we have a log in event for half the skills, while the rest, not to mention the bpcs and mats to build them out are unobtainable by a majority of players, this should really be addressed. The fact is, this event is not generating combat, it’s generating ticked off players dropping off the game.

I am not understanding your point here. How are these unobtainable by a majority of players?

Why not travel through Thera?

Also, keep the forums clean, miner.

You mean when players play the game?

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If the event was only in nullsec, maybe it would be a bit unfair for people who aren’t in mega coalitions, even though there’s basically no requirements to join any of them. Even if this was the case, there’s plenty of NPC nullsec that can’t be owned by players. However, they also appear in lowsec which can’t even be controlled by players.

It’s not CCP’s fault you don’t have the skills for a tengu, or you’re too afraid to risk your ship for a few billion isk

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Can either
A) pray a filament drops you in the vicinity
B) just scan a few wormholes to your target region, plop out there

Sadly, those sites will not spawn in your highsec mission hub.

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