Looking for a data dump of pre-zkill killmails

As EVE hits its 20 year milestone, it had me thinking of my first few years in the game. I used to co-run a little PVP corporation back in the earliest years of the game (back when us evil PVP’ers were derisively called pirates), and while some of us moved on in life, most of us have kept up on social media.

Anyhow, some of us were talking recently about our earliest kills, like the time six of us killed a carrier in low sec over the course of an hour just weeks after they were introduced into the game. Unfortunately, however, all of the old style killboards have vanished, along with more than half a decade of kills.

I’m hoping, a very small hope, that someone has a data dump of those old kills saved from the old boards before they vanished. Perhaps some kind of Greifwatch or eve-killboards mega dump?

On a side note, I do find it a little amusing that griefwatch.net is actually a site about dealing with grief now. I wonder if the new owners have any idea of the history of that web address.

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