New character wrong name

Hello there, dont ask how but I added wrong name of the character on site and id does not correspond to real ingame character. I don’t see option to change it please help

I’m not sure what you mean.

Are you saying that the name of your character is not the same name as you log in on the site with?

You log in on the website with your account name, which is invisible to anyone but you and CCP and should stay hidden for the safety of your account.

On your account you can have three characters with each a character name, which in your case is ‘Kaje71’. Are you saying that this name is wrong?

Character names cannot be changed once you have made a character, but it’s easy to make another character with another name. You’re new, so you won’t lose much by starting another character now, if you want another name than Kaje71.

Or are you saying that the name of your character is different than the one you expected to see? Is it possible that you made multiple accounts and logged in with the wrong account? That might explain why you see a different character, each of your accounts will have different character names. Try logging in with your other account in that case.

I hope one of these three answers helped you, but if it’s unclear, let me know!


Yes this name Kaje71 does not match the ingame character, I am in corporation that has authomated sign in mage and cannot syncronise me because of that. I dont know how to create another character imige on site. Can you tell me where is the option please to add new one?

It sounds like something you will need to fill out a support ticket for. Be prepared to wait 3+ weeks for them to get back to you.

It is the only character on this account, if I look at your earlier screenshot. If Kaje71 is not your ingame character, I think your ingame character is on a different account then.

Do you have another account that you can log in with? For example, are you playing from Steam?

If your corporation uses the 3rd party EVE login

to authenticate you, you will run into the same problem as you do here on the forums: only the characters of that account will be selectable, which is Kaje71.

You need to log in with the account that has your main character on it.

Would help to see a pic without the scratched out name. That is the char name, not account name

it is Kaje71

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