Game won't start

I just reactivated my account. Bought a month of Omega. I put in my Character name and password. It shows me as logged in and my characters appear at the bottom of the screen but then the page just sits there and I can’t get into the game?

I’m quite not sure I understand that right.
You see the character selection screen but when you click at one of them nothing happens?

The characters should appear right in the center of the screen too, not at the bottom.

First of all, it should be your account name that you enter, and not your character name. Unless you made the account and character name the same, which is very unsecure of you.

Secondly, characters should appear in the middle of the screen, not the bottom.

That is what it should looked like after you log in to the character screen.

What is the difference between my account name and my character name and how would I find my account name?

Your character name is Kytarh.

Your account name is whatever name you used to register the account with, when you first made your account.

Log out of EVE forums, and then try logging back in. They will prompt you to enter your account name and password. That is your account name.

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