Problems with the entrance and the game process

Hello, I already addressed a couple of days ago to you but I have not been helped in full. I have problems entering the game, or I can not go at all, either the black character selection download screen or the screen with the character is loaded, but the character himself when clicking on it does not load further. and if I managed to enter all the same can from the third time the game can hang or fly out or nothing works ie the client does not answer I have to close through the dispatcher to ask.
Ie in order

  1. can not download the game
    2 Lost socket connection
    3 the character selection screen is not displayed (black screen)
    4 game crashes hangs
    and that’s all the way through again, but sometimes I go out booted but not for long.
    Here are the files that I sent last time, but I did not answer anything afterwards. Thanks.

There are some diagnostic tools built into the launcher. Start LogLite and then launch a character. Send the log to CCP in a support ticket - not the forums.

There are currently over 30,000 players logged in successfully so the launcher and client do work reliably. The logs should help isolate the problem.

I already did it twice. They did not even answer me there.

How much time did you give them and how much information? An issue like this is an interaction between the client and something else on your computer - as mentioned before it works properly for tens of thousands of other players. If there is a known issue, the response is usually fairly fast. If they need to study the logs and try to figure it out it will take a while.

Meanwhile, you can help yourself by making sure your computer is up to date with the latest drivers and operating system patches. Also close any applications that are running the same time as Eve - you can find them using your task manager. It’s a process of isolation. Sometimes we need to turn everything off and then turn them back on 1 at a time until it breaks.

Disable your any type of firewall of internet protection/antivirus you might be running and launch game again

Also, downloading the game in full “download everything” in settings might help too

all the above I have already done. I have this problem for almost a month. I gave them complete information along with the logs and all the rest.

Did you get the solution? I have got the same problem unexpectedly

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I am having this issue of the launcher hanging every other time I try to log in. Trying Eve Repair tool SOMETIMES fixes it, but not always. Some times the EVE launcher works the first time when I reboot my computer and at other times I feel like I must “sneak up” on the launcher for it to work. Am at a loss also, however, this launcher issue started “appearing” near the end of April.

I am having the same problem. The client loads in to a black screen. I have used the Loglite diagnostic tool. when I tried to submit the LSW file, it stated “upload failed”, it seems like nothing about eve online works since I tried to get back into it.

The black screen is when I would select a character, sometimes the settings menus are blank also.

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