Black Screen Instead of Character Select

I run the launcher, start the client, it begins loading resources then when I should be seeing the character select screen it’s just a black screen. I have tried restarting verifying and turning all graphics options to lowest. no success. Any ideas?

This is most likely caused by corrupt client cache. After you login and you have the black screen. Try pressing Esc key on your keyboard and see if your in game settings open. If they do open then please go to the Reset Settings tab and click on the clear button for Clear all Cache Files. Then see if the issue persists.

If this does not work for you then I recommend you file a ticket with a LogLite log attached please save it in lsw format. I’ll be happy to look into this for you.

For information about Loglite please see the following article.

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It worked for me @Mechanic.

Thank you.

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