Eve launches through to character selection but black screen and sound

basically as above, fire up the launcher, launch eve and all i get is a black screen and sound while im locked out and the only way to quit is to reboot my pc using the reset button or power switch as my keyboard has no effect, although i can still use the function keys to turn the sound up and down, but nothing else.

i have contacted support and provided logs, dxdiad and done everything they have asked and the last message i got from them TWO weeks ago was “update your graphics drivers” and “verify the cache” things i have done multiple times, as well as half a dozen clean installs of eve. and still nothing.

the interesting thing is if i select dx9 mode in settings it will allow me to see the game and play. yet this is something the people replying to the ticket have said shouldnt be selected.

so anyone else had this issue or is ccp just now ignoring it so i give up messinga round with eve, gotta say after being involved with this damned thing since 2000 (yes that far back) i may have to finally call it a day.

Starting today the game window opens upon launch and remains black. I can open the escape window fine bu the actual character selection is all black. This occurs for all three accounts.

I managed to clear the in-game cache in the escape menu. Game is loading fine now.

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