Launcher signs me in the popup windows stays black?

ive been waiting on a fix for this for days i have a few tickets open reason for a few because u guys closed 2 on me … and now i have them open again … i open the launchers sing in everything works great but when i hit the play tab my eve window pops up and stays black never renders when i go to click on it to hit esc maybe to clear cache says its unresponsive … wiait for it or close it ive waited along time nothing so i close it i \ve tried this with direct x 9c checked and unchecked all my drivers r up to date so is my op…i have the files asked for in my ticket #500539 my eve log and DxDiag.txt ive been waiting for days to play wtf is going on ?i have an new pc windows 10 duel core 2.60 6 gig ram please for t he love of god help me ill be watching my tickets and i hope tjhere is a fix thank you been waiting to play since the t3 patch

The same thing happens to me, I tried to reinstall the eve but it gives me problems, it does not erase completely the previous installation and when I try to install, either directly or from steam it keeps giving me the black screen error, it stays loading and the characters do not they are displayed.

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