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Hello everyone,
I’ve been experiencing a bug with the EVE client both steam and normal launcher.
The issue is as follows, when i open the launcher and try to login to any account of mine i get faced with a full screen black screen. the cursor is showing and when i press Esc the menu shows and everything but other than that nothing shows.
some information about my system.
Intel i5-9300H CPU 2.4ghz
NVIDIA gtx 1650 4GB vram ( up to date drivers )
8 GB of 2400mhz ram
It’s a laptop so it has one screen.
Hard drives are working in order and not corrupted
→ the specs aren’t great but they should run the game smoothly on medium settings.

things i tried so far.

  1. run diagnostic tool and verify the game files threw the launcher. ( didn’t help )
  2. clear cache files through the client. ( didn’t help )
  3. Delete shared cache in the EVE local files. ( didn’t help )
  4. Delete CCP file from registry editor. ( didn’t help but shows character selection screen for fraction of a second and then black screen of death.)
  5. Fresh install of the game through steam and normal launcher. ( didn’t help )
  6. disabled the GPU all together and tried to run the game on integrated graphics. ( didn’t help )
  7. Contacted support and they went through all the steps above a 2nd time and then told me the issue will be taken to Technical game master. ( still no reply after that )
  8. Disable anti aliasing and launch the game again.( didn’t help )

As you can see i tried doing all what i could find on other forums.
If anyone is dealing with the same issue and/or have found a solution to this please help me. :smiley:

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The problem of posting in general forums is, you not going to get specialized help.

For start, what SO are you using? An answer that would be obvious if you posted on right section.

alt + r type %LOCALAPPDATA% and remove folder ccp

Do you have full game downloaded?
Game obviously works so it’s either login errors or asset loading error.
You tried to remove accounts from launcher and log in again?
Check your internet connection. Reset router, disable firewall for a second, check your antivirus.

Also, go to your EVE installation folder and start client from there. You won’t be able to log in but it should at lest show background and error message. This should at lest tell if issue is in client or on ccp/launcher.


.exe should be there. If I remember correctly.

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Definitely not good, hopefully there’s a fix for your issue in this sub-forum:

i’m still new to the community so i had no clue where to post.
i run the game on windows 10 64bit ( up to date )

Just tried removing the ccp folder again after another fresh install and still black screen.
yes, i do have full game downloaded when i verify files i get 30222 files so that should be the full game.
i tried launching the client from sharedcache\tp\ and sadly the problem still persist. :frowning:

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