Black screen after logging in

I log in to my account but my screen is completely black. It seems that I can interact with things and can hear the game perfectly but the screen is completely black. Only my cursor is shown… Any way to fix this?. Oh by the way this only happens to one account.

Try presing esc and resetingh the settings

Assuming hes having the same issues as me you cant access ANYTHING. It’s literally just a black screen and nothing else.

IVe found that relaunching the game about 20 times fixes it temporarily. I currently have a gm looking into the issue.

Are you using multiple monitors?

having the same problem here…
the screen is just black with the small loading sign at the bottom left corner of the screen

i thought maybe my computer did not have enough power but it was not even struggling…but i can still hear the game sounds at the background occasionally …

I also learnt that if you leave it to load as long as it wants at the end youll get in

Im having the same issue, anyone knows whats going on?

I’ve had the same issue. I have verified that none of my files are corrupt. I have rebooted, several times. Next step is downloading new graphics drivers. On slow internet, should be fun. A Dev post would be nice, as it seems this is not an isolated incident with me. Mine is stuck at the “Done processing bulk data” screen.

Updated my drivers and per one suggestion cleared the cache. Nada.

Same problem here as well.

Got “Failed to get a valid ballpark in time after trying 30 times” in LogLite

This morning, I deleted all Eve files from my PC. Reinstalled the game. This resolved the issue for me.

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