Black screen after launching the game

i was low on disk space so i moved my eve online files to my 2nd hard drive . after i done this i couldnt log back into the game i just got a black screen after launching the game.
ive reinstalled the game 3 times and reset my pc to factory settings and i still cant log in dose anyone know what i can do to get back on the game?

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well im facing the same issue now, plus some account cant even launch after i click

I had the same issue with Black sreens after Login over the last days.

Could solve it with closing the luncher and the Clients after the luncher update. Then go to task Manager to close the Luncher completely, it seems that after the luncher updates it doesnt always close properly to resart it and you end up with not able to login or with login in without a picture.

with the 2 small luncher updates the last days i always had the issue afterwards and after closing it with the Taskmanager manualy, it worked without the blackscreen.

Maybe it helps you

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