Launcher Black Screen Issue


After attempting to launch EVE, I’ve recently been met with a see through launcher panel which soon turns to a blank, black launcher window which will stay that way indefinitely, unless I click on it, which makes it crash.

I’ve had no issues at all for months of playing the game with the launcher, however after attempting to log in today, this has happened.

I have noticed (It’s probably unrelated) that the last few days when the launcher was working, trying to log into a character was taking almost 5-10 minutes to actually load up the in game client. I found this odd since the log in delay on the launcher was still set to 2 seconds as default.

I’ve tried reinstalling the entire game and deleting launcher shared caches, I’ve tried running the launcher in 256 colours, 16bit / 32bit. I’ve even added QT_OPENGL as a new variable for the desktop. I’ve also rolled back my GPU Drivers thinking the new Nvidia driver release was the culprit, to no avail.

Whats going on??? I’m totally at a loss here.

Thanks in advance,

Temporary Fix

By turning my second monitor display off where the launcher was originally loading to, the launcher loaded first time no issues on my main monitor.

The one that it wouldn’t load on was 16:9 1920x1080p 60hz
The one it did work on was 2560x1440p 165hz
Nvidia RTX2080

Definitely something to do with the two different panel types or aspect ratios. Still not sure what the cause was.

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