Black screen after selecting a character

This. I am using Debian 8 and ccp’s linux launcher. 4 days ago all was fine.

I had this yesterday, all OK today. I expect it takes a while to sort out when 30,000-odd players are crashed out by a DDOS at all sorts of different times and places in the code. If it still doesn’t work send a support ticket.

Also note that if you’re using DX11 and turn on anti-aliasing then you will get a black screen after the character selection.

I didn’t get a complete black screen with anti-aliasing on, rather a number of black squares where individual parts of the scene failed to rezz. Probably varies with wine version, video card and driver etc.

Might be worth to briefly disable the resource cache (if it’s on) and see if the cache hasn’t just been corrupted somehow.

You may be on to something and since I am frequently on SiSi, I was recently asked to clear my cache and thought, hey, that’s a good idea for a cronjob, so I am now clearing my cache every day.

Same issue. anyone managed to figure it out?

I cleared bulk_data, didn’t help. I also verified game files.

Going into EVE launcher settings -> Use dev version -> ccp master fixed it for me

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