Retail Excel 2019/2021 Compatibility Update

Hey guys,

Initially we reported to Microsoft that the addin’s framework checks we used to detect if the Excel client could run the add-in wasn’t working properly for retail excel users.

The checks said yes, but the functions didn’t work, #VALUE errors etc.

They’ve looked into it and the conclusion is, that due to business concern, they can’t bring compatibility of rich data type features to non-subscription users of Excel.

They are fixing the way the add-in can detect compatibility so at least we’ll be able to display an error in the sidebar if it detects Excel 2019. (Waiting on word if retail 2021 gets to live in limbo, hopefully not).

This isn’t great news to hear but we’ll be adding as many parameters as we can to ensure that Excel web can display output from formulas to web excel. So users can utilize paging parameters to structure data that is too large for excel to be done in a single function output.

(If web excel can’t display it due to data size it will be forever locked in #BUSY and potentially crash the browser tab, _assets amongs others suffer from this)