Retail Excel 2019/2021 Compatibility Update

Hey guys,

Initially we reported to Microsoft that the addin’s framework checks we used to detect if the Excel client could run the add-in wasn’t working properly for retail excel users.

The checks said yes, but the functions didn’t work, #VALUE errors etc.

They’ve looked into it and the conclusion is, that due to business concern, they can’t bring compatibility of rich data type features to non-subscription users of Excel.

They are fixing the way the add-in can detect compatibility so at least we’ll be able to display an error in the sidebar if it detects Excel 2019. (Waiting on word if retail 2021 gets to live in limbo, hopefully not).

This isn’t great news to hear but we’ll be adding as many parameters as we can to ensure that Excel web can display output from formulas to web excel. So users can utilize paging parameters to structure data that is too large for excel to be done in a single function output.

(If web excel can’t display it due to data size it will be forever locked in #BUSY and potentially crash the browser tab, _assets amongs others suffer from this)


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Thx for the explanation. I was looking for a reason why my transaction history isn’t loading. I understand now it is beacuse of a data limit cus I’m using web version.

I’ve tried lowering it to 200 per page(default in web is page = 1 if it’s available) in the 1.5 version, was that the version you had when trying it in web recently?

The version is 1.5.1
How can I limit the number of transactions that I’m trying to fetch?

The page parameter is hardcoded right now, 200 on each page. Which makes it rather suprising that it isn’t loading even with that relatively low of a number. You can try doing =EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_WALLET_TRANSACTIONS(character_id, 1) and see if the default page size just isn’t being triggered by the excel web detection.

I’ll add more priority to allowing users to define their own page parameter settings by inputting an array instead of a integer, [page_size, page_number]. That way we can hopefully get you working data, and maybe figure out why it’s hitting the excel web limit so quickly.

There is possible that there is something special about your data from the API, when excel web tries to fetch it.
If you could send me on discord the output from the endpoint that’d be a tremendous help, I can DM you instructions via Discord how to do that through the EVE Swagger Interface

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You helped me man, thank you! I had to change the formula to =EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_WALLET_TRANSACTIONS(character_id;1) and then web Excel fetched the lates 200 rows of Wallet transactions. The forula that works for me is with ; instead of , and without space.

Great to hear! Can you tell me what browser you are on so I can look at why the default page = 1 was not triggering?

I’m using Google Chrome, version 120.0.6099.130
Is there a way how I can retreive page 2, page 3 and more? I tried to change the formula from 1 to 2 or 3 but it doesnt work, it always fetches only last 200 records.

.CHARACTER_WALLET_TRANSACTIONS(;2) (My excel web also uses ; instead of ,)
Should be the proper way to do page 2 in excel web, just tested on my own character, and I got a different result from the page 1 parameter

If it runs out of entries to put into the page the output from the formula will read N/A

Testing in chrome too (and I noticed the default page functionality is broken)

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It works now, thx :slight_smile:
Even no. 3 to 6 is working for me. Then I run out of time, no more transactions in last 30 days. Nice, mission acomplished.

@Hundasuupa I see you are very good with Excel. :sunglasses:
Do you have a sugestion how to write the formula to calculate how old is my character? Reference would be =EVEONLINE.CHARACTER(character.ID;TRUE) then =reference to character cell.birthday. Now how to calculate number of years, months and days passed since that day? :smiley:

This was rather weird to solve.

This will give you the years and days, approx. since excel is weird since the dates are “decimals”

R5 = character card cell to calculate

=INT((NOW()-R5.birthday)/365.25) & " years and " & INT(MOD(NOW()-R5.birthday,365.25)) & " days"

for the hours segment.

=INT(MOD(NOW()-R5.birthday,1)*24) & " hours"

minute segment.
=INT(MOD(NOW()-R5.birthday,1)2460) & " minutes"

Thank you so much for the effort! For some reason the formula stays wirten as formula in the cell, it won’t show the number or the result.

Your seperators might be ; instead of ,

Try replacing that as such, (maybe the 365.25 also needs to be 365,25)

=INT((NOW()-R5.birthday)/365.25) & " years and " & INT(MOD(NOW()-R5.birthday;365.25)) & " days"
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You are right, it worked with ; and , as decimal separator. Also I had to remove spaces. This is exact version which works for me (free online Office365 version in Google Chrome). Thank you so much for helping me with this. :blush:

=INT((NOW()-A2.birthday)/365,25)&" years and "&INT(MOD(NOW()-A2.birthday;365,25))&" days"
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I have been using and modifying the example worksheet using a 365 professional subscription.
Today, nothing works.
I have unloaded and reloaded my character, refreshed worksheet.
It appears to not be able to get data through the UDF .
What do I do ?

The Example worksheet can error out (since it contains behind the scenes a duplicated internal addin) and it’s recommended to only use the code as something you’d copy to another sheet, to prevent errors from happening. You can try that and see if it helps.

Excel 2019 Pro… and no joy. :frowning:

Yea, it doesn’t work. Seems like you could have made this compatible if you took a different approach :frowning: Most people probably don’t have a subscription to office.

I think this is more a company decision to earn more money. Microsoft decision to push people to buy subscription. They earn more because the one pays a sub forever and can’t buy reused cheap keys any more.