Several tools and sites I'm currently working on, like Updated EvE KB, and Tradehub item price checker and more

Hello EvE Community.

I have coded some useful and some not so useful sites in past few years.
I will just list them here:

  • TEWO Alliance Website - Menu has collection of useful things like:

  • TEWO Killboard - Heavily modded and fixed EvEDev KB.
    Basically I put it together from many broken mods. Also fixed some issues on old KB code.
    Reason to this was zKillboards odd behavior recently (not registering all kills or characters).
    SSO Registering is open for everyone who wants to use it.
    Currently it’s only used by TEWO Alliance.

  • EvE Tradehub Item Price Checker - Is the site to fast check any item on all five NPC major tradehubs, Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Hek and Rens.

  • General - NPC damage table and other fancy info about eve like Sovereignty map and formulas.

  • WH Site info - Information about Wormhole sites. All waves, estimated loot etc.

  • EvE Terminology - Collection of eve abbreviations.

  • Links to many nice EvE related sites

  • And TEWO Discord - Come chat anytime, join up or just casually talk about stuff.

Currently I’m working on EvE Knife site also on the menu, which is substitution to old API key system, it allows players to registers through ESI SSO system and give rights to like their CEOs to check their skills or anything they give rights to.

That’s about it, i hope someone finds some of these things useful.
Come chat with me/us anytime on Discord.

Fly safe o7



Do you have a GitHub repo for your work on esiknife please?

Really do like your killboard project! Provides a lot more details than zkill from what i could tell. Good job on it better get it out to the public aswell! :smiley:

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