Mining Fleet ledger info

Greetings o/

I was wondering if anyone knows of a good website or tool that allows you to upload or copy/paste the mining fleet ledger into it, so it can parse the data and deliver you the ore amounts per pilot? We are not looking for any super complicated 3rd party app just something to help organize the data so we know who mined what specifically.

Thanks in advance o7

Check , not THAT simple, but it comes with discord server maintained by the creator , and lot of people there that can help y. after y get the ropes, it’s almost automatic. @Apollo_North

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Or y can try itself if y just need to copy/paste.

Yeah I’m familiar with evepraisal. We use it to price our buybacks already, but I was looking moreso for a site that will allow us to import the raw data from the mining ledger and it will then sort everything by member, so we have an easy reference point for our payouts.

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