Ledger suggestions

I have to say that in the 4 years that I have been gone from the game I have defiantly seen some improvements to the game and one of the things I enjoy the most is the ‘Mining Ledger’. This tool defiantly makes splitting up fleet hauls on mining to a new kind of easy. And it also has its uses for the solo miners out there as well to determine how they are doing out in the verse of eve while mining.

I would however like to see this idea expanded upon for ratting, LP and other such information.

Information could obviously be more expansive like in the ledger that is already active in the game. For ratting this would include.

  • ISK graph the same as mining but more tuned for per hour/day
  • Location where ratting took place
  • Total ratting done in system
  • Could even even handle specifics like (Havens Sanctums hubs, etc)
    - Jita 45,000,000 Isk
    - Guristas Forsaken Hub - 20,000,000 isk
    - Guristas Haven 25,000,000 isk

I think this would be deffinatly a good addition to the game this would be a way to show income levels of a specific character and make it easy for players to set and attain goals in the game. (i.e. I need to make 250 million isk today)

I wouldn’t also mind seeing a ledger that encompassed Market activity for your specific character. It would make it really easy to track specifics for market traders and graph trends in their regional market.

Just a suggestion though glad to see the game is moving in a good direction…

only bad thing I have found thus far in the game that I rather do not like is Mission site broadcasting so everyone and their mother can come into your site. I liked it back in the day when players actually had to work for it and scan you down.

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