Fleet Mining Ledger

Take the mining ledger and create a fleet version.

This would log how much ore is mined by every individual of a fleet, and be easily accessible for importing into things like evepraisal, spreadsheets, or trackers.

The interface should be similar to the personal mining ledger.
The fleet boss would have admin controls over the specific settings, but all members would be able to see a interactive live feed of what has been mined.

There is really no great way in game to see how much a single pilot has contributed to a mining operation. There’s a lot of out of game hassle calculating payments based on contribution. This would aim to ease all of that. Miners are a huge part of this game, and deserve a tool like this.

Great tool for boost supported fleets which throw all their ore into a Porpoise, Orca, or Rorqual. Even beneficial to a fleet with just a basic hauler running back and forth between station and belt.

Thanks for the consideration, please feel free to add any comments on how to improve this suggestion.

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This is a great idea. Why isn’t this in the game? All the 3rd party tools that used to do this no longer work or are no longer supported. Just add official support for helping with managing Mining Ops


As someone who used to run corp/alliance level mining fleets and do ore buyback while still in the belt, this would be a great idea. Give me a way to know when the op ends how much to pay out to everyone.


This is urgently needed. Especially highsec fleets. I’m overwhelming newbros with reconciliation of their mining ledgers with fleet loot history & total ore in corp hangar. it’s turning newbtos and recruits to my corp off the game and industry. And it turns me and and other potential veteran foreman off bc its either settle for a loss to make newbro happy or avoid hassle.

Think about it, we finish a session if mining, learn mechanic etc. Then at the and of that session plunge ppl into an annoying, drowsy learning curve.



This would be incredibly helpful, freight containers aren’t large enough to support this in any meaningful way and I think it would help to encourage more large high-sec mining fleets, something that introduce newbros into the community of the game

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I think this would help a lot and save time.!

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This would be helpful !

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Looks really nice, would really encourage to participate in fleet mining activities.

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I would check out this site it works pretty good https://eve-hr.com/ it has a corp mining ledger that auto includes alts and other features

also has a mining op that does exactly what your asking for

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the idea is great, I think soon we will raise the corporation to a new level, especially when beginners start to sit on T2 shovels

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I have used the site, it’s great. However is glitchy often (as it relates to the mining ledger). Like the numbers are often quadrupled or trippled, and not in any logical manner. When you come to depend on the site, run a hisec fleet of even ten members, site glitches 3/4 times…it becomes a nightmare fast.

Put yourself in a high-sec corp mining director role; It’s late Saturday night, finished fun times with your corp mates, some new members, some old bros, next thing you lash out on comms, a little upset. The mining ledger busted again. Youre now messaging everyone (late saturday night) to send them there mining ledgers. Youre walking one player at a time; where is the mining ledger, set it down to just todays op, copy to clipboard, and put it in a spreadsheet, has to be google sheets, cuz you gotta share that. Ppl want to just sent paste it in discord (thats a mess), or take a screenshot (reminder its late at night, any good vibes are gone. any motivation to start a Eve online community by building a corporation makes you feel nauseous). You looking unprofessional and desperate.

This is not a slite at the app at all. I spoke with the supporter of the app, i became a patreon of his work. He responds right away on discord. Except I dont think its the main purpose of the site. CCP has a MMO with a mining game component. They should not make it near-impossible for new to players and veterans alike to play together in a pleasant manner. This should be their prerogative.


Thanks for the link, but the major goal here is to incorporate this function into the game. The technology is there.

EVE would become an even better game if CCP took the commonly (and often necessary) used third party systems and put them into the game.


A fleet mining ledger sounds like a great idea! It would make cooperative mining easier and encourage fleet mining operations. Please make this happen CCP.

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As stated above, giving veteran players a tool to effectively manage their teams - when every isk counts to grow the industrial community - this is a no brainier, please look at implementing!


this would be very helpful for fleets, even small group miners will get the benefits of this feature.


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lol. This was in Jita, was combating the ISK doublers while I was getting some supplies.

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