Expanded Mining Ledger for Fleets

Expand the mining Ledger


I would like to request an expansion to the use of the mining ledger. Currently we can each see a personal mining ledger or a Corporation Moon Mining Ledger. I would like to request a mining ledger that encompasses a fleet. This can be put behind having rights like the moon mining ledger does but it would be nice to all ore and gas mined by a specific fleet and also be able to select the systems to get an overwall idea of the amount huffed or mined.

Say for example I created a fleet in our wormhole and we did a few ore sites and gas sites in that wormhole, then maybe we moved out to high sec to continue mining. It would be useful to see the totals received (as well as the residue amounts as currently listed under the personal ledger but for the fleet as a whole.


I believe that this will give good useful information to those running fleets for a corporation by seeing pertinent information with regards those who are in a fleet, as well has how much is being wasted to residue. We should be able to break the information down by character, fleet name, date, ore/gas type etc.

We already getting other stats on other activities through the AIR Career program and the activity tracker and yet the one activity where this detailed information would be useful is lacking some elements of info that would be interesting and useful


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I too have noticed a lack of fleet data in the Ledger. I Run an Orca fully skilled maxed Pilot, I would like to know how my contributions from the orca/rorq etc to my fleet is. What they gained with the fleet boost over solo. I Agree with OP. Sorry my englsh

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