Need a App with new mining ledger API

As a corp that often do mining operations as a group.
Our corp was extremely sad to see that the mining ledger only worked on a personal level and based on belts generated from refineries.

Thus we need an App for windows or a homepage that takes the personal mining ledger from members, so we can compare it with mining operations to pay our members what they are owed instead of using arbitrary value based on time spent and ship type.

If there is App that does this after the patch I would love to get pointed towards it.

I think you may have misread the Dev blog about the Mining Ledger. There are both a Personal and Corporation function of the Ledger:

Personal Mining Ledger

  • records all mining you do and displays the statistics, not just mining from Refinery Asteroid Belts but mining anywhere in New Eden

Corporation Mining Ledger

  • Records all mining done in your Refinery generated Asteroid Belts, regardless if they are in corp or not. requires corp leadership roles to be able to use the ledger (as far as I understand)

The Corporate APIs only collect data with an active observer. The only “observers” defined so far are refineries which, of course, only monitor the ore fields they create. The Corporate API does sod all for those folks mining regular belts and anomalies.

The data they need is buried in the Character APIs.

I’m not aware of any but if you need this capability I might be able to help. Feel free to eve-mail me.

A windows app is, unfortunately, not hugely suitable for this.

Mostly because you need each user to log into it. (or log in a different way, and pass a refresh token. this is acceptable. the other isn’t)

A webapp is more suitable, as it’s inherently multi user.

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Hoping for something like eveHQ.

I understood it correctly. Since thats excatly what I wrote.
There is only personal and corporate. I need a fleet version but that is not avaible so I need a app that takes all the personal ledgers so I can compare when the times we have mining ops.

Maybe in time there will be added functionality to the Ledger to expand its useability. Sounds like a great QoL thing to add as a Feature to the Ledger, maybe post suggestion in the QoL Thread or in the Player Features & Ideas section

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