Apps or software to aid mining ops?

I’m looking to run mining ops for my small corp and I’m wondering if there are apps or pieces of software that people use to help track contributions/ore mined/time spent mining. I’ve been a miner on ops in the past where miners earned a share for every 15 minutes spent on the op.

Are folks just using spreadsheets and calculators, or have the tools gotten more sophisticated?

You can gather data from thier ESI (SeAT comes to mind), then play with the data how you see fit.

You can query ESI for your Corporate Mining Ledger; it should have the information you need or just look at it in-game, although I’m a little unsure as to if it actually works outside of Moon belts.

you can use personal mining ledger to know what you mined on a given day. Track the differences to know what a person mined on a time frame.

High @Duane_Dreadlow. I run two corporations, one in low and one in high sec. We run multiple, weekly moon mining ops and use the Corporation Ledger to track all of that data and determine individual pilot payouts. Having a spreadsheet prepared to accept the mining ledger data (copy/paste or ESI) and parse it to calculate payouts is super helpful.

Outside of player made spreadsheets, I don’t know of any “app” that assists with this. SeAT can parse the ledger data into your website, but not in a helpful format.

@ISD_Sakimura: It only shows data for moon mining.

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