OMIP 1.0.11 moon mining update

You can find the newest version of OMIP here

if you do not own moons you can probably stop reading here :wink:

there was a user request to add a moon mining tracker to omip

β€œI do own moons and dont have the brains myself to automate a process for calculating moon tax.”

Thanks to this blog post from Team Tech Co. I was able to build sample data and implement the feature without owning moons my self.

If you have registered esi keys in OMIP before you need to add your corp director character again to add the esi-industry.read_corporation_mining.v1 scope to your access token. further please ensure that mining is enabled in the keys tab of the OMIP tool.

The result looks like this:

  • All mining activities from all corporation structures from the past 12 month are listed in the mining tracker overview <36>
  • the character names in <36> are prefixed with alliance ticker and corporation ticker and can be filtered with the filter entry <37>
  • in β€œGroup by Char” <38> view mode if the characters belongs to your own corporation the alt mapping is used to sum up all alts under the main character name
  • with filter millions <39> only those table entries which have more than the given million value are listed. if you want to filter with less than millions you can set a floating point number like 0.1 to filter out all entries which have less than 100k
  • the ISK/ORE selection <40> allows to switch between ISK and ore values. the Ore values are in volume (m3) and the ISK values are calculated in the same way as Ore isk/M3 by reading the latest marked values for the minerals contained inside the ores
  • if you click on a cell inside the table (for example <44>) the mining detail for this cell is listed in a separate window. in this way you see the structure name and what has been mined.
  • if you click the copy CSV button <41> you get all the details mentioned for <44> copied into the clipboard for all data visible in the overview (filters apply)
  • if you want to tax full corporations/alliances rather than single players you can set the selection field <38> to corporation and alliance view. this will summarize all characters from that corp/ally in the over view and detail table underneath.
  • if you want to see only a percentage of the full value for taxing purposes you can set a percentage value in field 43 and click the update % button to apply the change. you may also use floating point values like 1.3 here.

let me know if you need more features like this for omip! I’m happy to get feedback from you!

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