Omip 1.0.2: wallet, industry, contracts, structure, corp member tracker. standalone executable (2022-10-23)

omip is a stand-alone executable which informs you about activities on your eve accounts, written in Go


latest release

this tool is useful if you have a number of eve accounts and alt corps and you want to get notified about activities like

  • Wallet Balance Changes (corp + character)
  • Market Order Items bought/sold
  • Contracts being accepted / expired
  • Industry Jobs finished
  • Corp member activity Killmails, Bounties (directors only)
  • Structure Fuel, under Attack, or Module changes (directors only)

Additionally to the gui there is a commandline version which can be added to the system start-up. The idea is to get an overview on whats going on with your characters in eve when you start your computer.


I’m playing with 12 characters distributed over more than one corp and it is a mess to get notified about any industry job or corp contract running out. Additionally I need to keep track over my corp’s activity (killmails about losses and bounties). The in-game journal is full of small-fry clutter and there is no way to sort out key information like how many money we got from PI taxes last year.
From today’s perspective there is a variety of tools for that but back in 2016 the eve ESI interface was introduced and the old xml api got removed. In turn all my perl scripts broke which I used at that time. So I started a new tool in Go and added a Gui around it to display the data and not only the notifications. The original purpose was running a small script on startup to see whats going on, so for me this is still the main point for this tool.
Another reason for me to write this tool was a natural aversion to grant access to my esi data to a website written and hosted by someone else. Further I do not trust libraries so I wrote the whole esi access routines from scratch based on raw https requests. I ensured that the tool is running completely locally with esi key data being stored encrypted and the full source code released under GPLv3 so everyone can check it out. It is recommended to build the tool locally but in case you want to use the binary there is at least a signature on it so you know it is from me.

Finally I want to encourage every Go programmers among you to look through the source code! I spend a lot of time making it easy to read and structuring it properly. Additionally there is 86% test coverage on all code below the Gui so you can easily check if you broke something when you change it.

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Latest Update V1.0.4

  • fixed bug which hides transactions between characters in journal list
  • added contract location to contract table. you can filter now to check if all your contracts are up in that location!
  • added war dec notification to overview list

Latest Update V1.0.5

  • fixed program freeze during marked update
  • updated to fyne 2.3.0 (improved visuals)
  • fixed spamming war dec warning

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