skŸlizer - Moon & goo scan analyzer - Update to 1.1.2 (22.06.2018)

Fellow travelers,

For my ally I had build skŸlizer. It’s a tool meant to handle any kind of scan (not “scam”).
At the moment only survey scans of moons are supported which has been introduced with the Liveblood expansion 25’th of October 2017.

It’s also a small but nice framework some may build a EVE application on it if some would like to use PHP7.

The description of the tool, the framework, the source code, install guide, … OK, all the stuff is available on Github:

For the impatient - a screenshot which will give you an idea what I’m about:

If you want to try it, a PUBLIC Demo of skŸlizer is available at

UPDATE 19-11-17

  • Filter to show or hide composition value column to de-clutter the table
  • dito for the ore value column
  • block inerface while reloading page

Please post any feedback / bug reports / feature requests and enjoy!

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Love the tool, is there an option to see all scan moons? That would be a great feature, or all the moons in a region.

Then you discovered at least the region view :wink:

I’ts possible to show all moons but this may put some reasonable ammount of pressure on well your browser because of the huge ammount of data to be shown.

But I’ll put on my wizards hat and think about it, have already some more feature requests to work on.

Or you take the code and implement the change on your own - feel free to.

I’m pants on head retarded when it comes to code and what not.

skŸlizer has been updated.

Apart from some bug fixes now updating prices for moon materials and processed material is possible from the shell. What does it mean? You may update prices now from a cron-job.

The ore-detail in the table is now ordered by the ore value (per piece) to keep the R64 on the top and let you know how juicy the moo is.

Fly safe
Rtg Quack

So is this project currently broken? Tried to host my own after the demo site was down and had the same error codes.

Nope, project is running well, don’t know about any interruption of the demo site. May I ask you to provide some more info. Would be glad to support you installing skylizer.

everyone I’ve gotten to try this ends up with the same error listed here.

Thank you for providing your error report. I was able to reproduce the problem and to fix it.

The updated version is available on github. You also may try to login to the http://skŸlizer public demo [] which has been updated too.

Nice work dude,

Everything appears to be working except when I try to run a price update via (http://your-domain/vposmoon/priceUpdate) it gives me;

Not Authorized
Sorry, you have no permission to access this specific service.

Dispite being the admin
edit how to you asign the structure and owner?


The price update is available only for the administrator if run by the browser. Are you able to access []? If not please have a look onto the documentation on github about “User & Corporation access”.

The prefered way to update prices is via the shell, usually run by a cron job. It’s in the documentation too, see “Update Prices”.

Storings the structure and the owner I had not implemented yet, no ETA so far for that, sorry.

Small update available, all “*” links now use “https” instead of “http”.

Demo ( has been updated.

Big update today

Try the public Demo or read more on the readme at Gitbub Get it from Github

  • Structures - which kind structure has been anchored, who is the owner and what is the name of the structure?
  • Moons - now skŸlizer show all moons, regardless of some scanned him or not
  • Internationalization - regardless if you play Eve with English, Russian, German or French, your moon-scan is understood by skŸlizer
  • Stability & Security - core parts of the code has been improved for stability and safety
  • improved command line updater (see Updates) (you may have to change your cron-job!)
  • updated database dump with full alliance and corporation database and fresh EVE Online static data from 30.05.2018.
  • PHP 7.1 is now minimum requirement, PHP 7.2 is preferred.

So…is this meant to be private tool? or public info share tool?

Since the link you provided is called ‘demo’, I’m confused :confused:

It’s meant to be a alliance owned private and self hosted tool. This is how some use it. Very little alliances would like to share her information about the moons nor the structures in their pockets with the public.

The DEMO is meant as a free for public use tool. If it make sense for you to use it feel free to. I’ll take care of backups and keep the information public some decided to enter to the “demo”.

But never trust it. It’s to simple to feed it with fake data.

Update 2018-06-18 (V1.1.1)
Only relevant for skŸlizer administrators, sorry some views like Permissions and User-list were broken under some circumstances.

  • bug fix in user and role management - pages were not accessible if missing database entries

Update 2018-06-22 (V1.1.2)

If a structure has been added hover over the structure or owner link to show a tooltip with detailed information about the structure.

In the public demo there are some test-structures in L-C307.

Now more than 300 users in the skŸlizer public demo, each day one to five more and a lot of questions and feature requests.
Seems some of your using it as a productive system, fine for me, will keep it public and available.

More features are in the pipeline, will come most likely in October.

Thanks to the community for the incredible support.

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