Moon Profitability Service

Hi there everyone,

I have been surveying moons for some time now and it has proven to be very fun and enjoyable! Our operation has grown somewhat in recent months from just little old me to a small team working together in each of our areas of expertise to bring you a reliable valuation sheet of moons and the richness of ores hidden within, with up to date data.

We would like to offer a moon surveying service to help you decide if a system you intend to visit is going to be profitable or not for you, and the makeup of minerals in that system.

We will scan all the moons in the system you choose.

We will present you with a datasheet that shows some critical information you will need to make your decision. Please see this example. Dotlan.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please send me a mail :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Base Cost: 500mil per system

  2. Additional Cost: 1mil per moon over 50
    (IE. 51 Moons would be 501mil ISK, 52 moons would be 502…)

  3. +100mil per structure info
    (IE. Reinforcement timer and fittings data)

  4. If you only want to know a structure’s fittings and ref timer then the fee is 200mil per structure, complete within 48 hours of confirmation.

Full rundown:
Ranni above has 31 moons.
IX-5 / X-1 / VII-3 are the most valuable moons, but not all are available.
The fee for this scan with two of the structures’ data provided was:

500 + 200 = 700mil

No, none of the structure ref and fitting data will be supplied in the public forum.

Can confirm this service was well received by our old corp mate, and he helped us decide on a system we eventually came to call home.

The data we received enabled us to clearly determine which was the most profitable moon in our system , and we had clear discussions based on what deposit we could afford to pay the rental team. After this we had some moon sin mind that we will save up for and eventually setup on also. We completed those moons and have already come back to Sjup to scan a further two systems.

With Sjup’s, I estimate us to have accelerated our mon mining ambitions by several months.

Thanks for your help, no doubt we’ll be in touch again soon just to look at pretty spreadsheets :smiley:

PS. I am pretty sure that screenshot is from one of the system I asked about :laughing:

Here is a more comprehensive datasheet for a customer I just completed. :slight_smile: As you can see, i is tailored slightly differently to the one above.

Keep those requests coming! This only took me a few hours to do because there was only 14 moons and I only asked for 100 PLEX!

Thanks for reading,

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Services continue!

Services may ONLY be offered in exchange for in-game currency, ISK!

Moved to the Services Section of Marketplace.

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Found this service just by chance and found it very cost effective. We had calculated our chosen moon to be worth about 2bn/month after running costs.

Sjup went through the effort of explaining how to properly work out how much the moons are worth, elinitaning dertain ores because of how readily available they already are and how best our 7-man mining Corp can be most effective at mining our spawn belts.

After a month of running, we are pleased to announce a good and stable moon mining presence, with full awareness of what our next 3 moons will be, and how to calculate their ongoing profitability should our circumstance change.

Highly recommend this service :star_struck:

Are you able to provide this service for wormholes as well?

Thanks for your reply,

If you facilitate an entrypoint for me to come through then, yes, I will do this in W-Space. As I assume you to be well aware, W-Regions don’t work quite the same as K-Space, making such a thing incalculable.

I can usually do it fairly quickly and without too much hassle and be out of yoru hair in a jiffy - so long as I have an entry.

Please let me know if you are still interested via ingame mail :slight_smile:

Sjup o7

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Availability opens up again on Monday morning. Keep those requests coming in! Tomorrow afternoon we will finally be all caught up!

+1 Happy customer :slight_smile:

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+1 Happy Customer. Was very fast and Neat

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Thanks for the kind words, it was great working with you Fawniquaa.

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