Search for tasty moons

Good afternoon, capsuleers

Question, how relevant is the service sent by moon?
or do I need to take the car of traffic jams and fly the scan yourself?

Respectively logical question:

  1. Is there an actual portal (service, file) with the results of the scan of the moons?

  2. Who is willing to pay for these results (work on the scan)?

  3. who is ready to do this work, and how much does it cost?

afaik dotlan has not followed the moongo revamp
nullsec large blocks have already scaned the moons in their area.
in the less crowded areas, i don’t know if someone would pay for it

I would be willing to provide a moon scanning service. Hit me up ingame to discuss details.

There is still a chance to find good moons, I found an R64 in a somewhat busy part of NPC null that I owned for quite awhile.

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