New moons and just thoughts

This is an alt; discretion seemed prudent.

With the new moons, I grabbed some leftover discovery scanner probes from…2006, and got some scans done.

One thing I’ve noted is there don’t seem to be any dead moons, all the scans come back with something even if not higher value stuff. With that said, I’ve managed not so badly with the scans, and am considering what sort of resistance a small corp might expect on low, mid range, and high grade moons respectively (in npc space).

Is there any corps out there interested in mining the stuff, possibly assisting in defence. Or would a merc contract be a better idea. Maybe selling my scans would be best, is that remotely useful or profitable?

Would there be any interest in an ingame channel for moongoo trading (stuff you have for stuff you don’t), or a loose sort of consortium of small time players.

What’s your ideas and thoughts/feedback on the new moons.



Give planting a refinery a go. The largest hurdle right now seems to be people are actively hunting anchoring refineries and killing them in the short vulnerable state.

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