New moon mining mechanism: Reactors/Fraking - a success or failure?

What are we now, 12 months after the new moon mining gameplay was implemented and I was wondering what the communities thoughts were?

Having been a moon mining/reaction fan I’m not a fan but there we go can’t have it all your own way, fire away girls and boys.

Isk isnt now only for the alliance/corp leadership so thats nice


It was a very good change.

Moons are now more often in the hand of local groups instead of the big power blocs because you have to actively mine them. The passive income stream we had before was way to attractive and easy to control for large groups, even if they didn’t live in the region.

…and the pvp’ers have more targets in space, so allmost everybody profits in some way ^^

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If you’re prepared to put in the time mining then anyone can profit - which is great! Plenty of “elite” pvp groups that can’t be bothered to mine their own R64 resources are losing out to ninja miners which is excellent.

The price of moon goo hasn’t nosedived or gone silly high so changes seem to be working although figures suggest some old stockpiles of goo are not nearly exhausted yet.

A bigger issue is perhaps that T2 ships are just not as useful or widely used anymore since pirate/navy ships and even some T1 perform much better now in terms of cost versus risk. Hence T2 is massively overproduced and even that oversupply hasn’t driven the prices down enough to make them competitive.

I too miss owning a small moon goo empire of towers though I will commend CCP here as after 14 years playing I have finally been convinced to train mining 5… And the odd thing is I’m actually enjoying the new (for me at least) mining gameplay [I hope I said that quietly enough to avoid the derision of my pvp peers! hehe].


I believe that corporations need to be disbanded if they do not hold, and keep active playerbase (ie did not have 15 people login in the last 30 days) and upkeep costs (5m per member for alliance and corp per character alliance pays their fee’s for all alliance members, and corps pay theirs per member, but i’d make it so that only one is paid at a time so corps are feed when not in an alliance, but not fee’d when in it, however alliances would be fee’d for all corp members). anyone not paying their fee will get disbanded, and all disbanded/closed corps will be deleted after 30 days.

I also believe that corporations should not be war eligible on the station system, but rather in their relationship for another.

I’d move the war eligibility system over to two parties mutually declare each other enemies, and each day go -0.25 or -0.5 standing. after they hit -5.0 they can be declared war against.

Then i’d look at making all corporations limited to 1 type of station each. this should cut down on spam. then i’d make all athanors naturally allow compression as a role bonus.

With all due respect - that is not just one ridiculous idea, but a set of them without even the reason why you believe these things.

If you’ve ever tried being a CEO in eve you would know what a pain in the arse it is already - like herding cats.
Adding yet more taxes for no reason other than reducing the apparent numbers in a corp along with mechanics you suggest that would take masses of developer time to add no value to the game other than punishing people who play the game in a way against your beliefs. Stop being daft.


The Taxing / population requirements will be the primary mechanic to remove the corporations that are inactive or alt based from the game. This would get rid of a lot of inactive corporations.

Limiting the corporations address the issue which is starting to take place where one corp drops entire sets of stations across an entire system, or multiple systems (Or even regional or multi-region wise). Corporations should not be allowed to spam stations all over, it takes away the other players right to build and use moons. this ties into the war system.

Like spam taking away corporations potential, so to doe the war dec system. Thus removing the current eligibility system in place of allowing corporations to be war based, based on their relationship will help open up options for stations to generate income for corporations.

Also the game current has these types of taxes on alliance, i am only advocating that they are on corporations by default, and migrate to alliances when a corp joins one.

Alternatively i would accept stations being only created by alliances though i like their potential of making isk for corps and thing it makes things more interesting.

You’re conflating issues here:

There is an issue with structure spam yes - but this has nothing to do with numbers of people in a corp, the numbers of corps or alliances and taxes. It has to do with structure hitpoints and players ability to remove them. This is affected by vulnerability timers and war mechanics (for highsec).


I am saying that corporations should have a set of requirements to exist, including paying a maintenance bill, and having at least 15 or 25 people active in corp after a grace period when its formed. So corp forms, has 30, 60 or 90 days to get x amount of active players, pays upkeep after that period and has to upkeep the population (ie thy have to log in monthly) to keep the corp going. if they dont, they will close. If they close, they have 30 days to reopen or it will be deleted from the corporate list and become an option to create a corp with that name, ticker, etc.

this creates at the very minimum some set of conditions that will cause inactive and alt corps to be closed. from there we can have the stations be “claimable” or automatically destroy themselves.

Structures should have lots of hp, they are expensive.

Hahaha dam it’s exactly how how I feel! :rofl:

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Again you’ve stated an idea (in a thread asking about feedback on moon mining) targeting arbitrary things like how active a corp’s membership is, how large it is, and its life cycle to fit in with your personal agenda I’m guessing because you believe only large, active corps or rich corps able to incur further taxes/costs should be able to plop structures down and mine moons.

I’m left guessing because you’ve failed to state why you think this idea is necessary or what gameplay you’re specifically trying to promote or prevent with this suggestion. One consequence you do state is that I agree with is it’d cause inactive and some alt corps to close but why is that a good thing in your eyes?

I believe all players should have access to moon mining content and should not be forced into large corps or alliances to access that content. The way POS worked in the past and the way structures work now suggests CCP shares that desire. Your suggestion goes against that basic concept which is why I’m calling it daft, sorry - especially since you drop it randomly into this thread rather than into the features and ideas section where it belongs.

The current moon mining mechanics are a success as far as I’m concerned, but yes it does create issues with structure spam that CCP do need to look at so perhaps they will take your idea into account with that regard but I personally wouldn’t support it as it stands so suggest you take it to the ideas forum and get some proper feedback to refine it. Cheers.

taxing corps 2m or what ever per a person effects all corps evenly. I dont belive in large corps, actually i am one of the very few advocates of these forums that is strongly against blobbing, i believe its abusive to the game. I would like to cap corporations at 250 people (50 per a level) and alliances at 10 corporations max (limiting alliances to 1250 people).

I believe that there is far superior content at lower player levels, but these levels require people to work together for a purpose. I believe that if this group level interaction is restored to eve we will significantly improve the game.

These sots of changes are to address problems, like corporate spam, that abuses others, specially high sec players.

Actually i specifically told you why, you should read and not skim. here is a recap for you since your being saft and not reading just arguing with yourself.

I actually am on the fence about them, all in all they are ok, but i am not happy with the intentional design to stop people from getting gas or ice in high sec (for the most part) I’d advocate that all types of ore and belts moons should have all three types of resources (ice,g as and moons) as i believe that having options would open up more fun and unique options for corps

on top of that i am kind of debating on if corporations should have the right to prevent non-cop/allies from mining their moon, since they do provide the fuel to operate it, or at the least, gain some sort of benefit for mining a moon you own or refining it.

What if you killed anyone else mining your rocks? If you anchored in highsec, go anchor one in lowsec and murder anyone who tries to steal your space rocks.

No, go away.


I can’t complain, I made enough isk to get a battleship then profit 50mil isk by losing it in a null sec skirmish, and my allies in high sec let me mine theirs if i need Isk, then dump it off at their stations for relatively good price.

The reason he wants members to be forced to pay, is …

… because then he can “legitimately” steal ISK and assets from new players.

I took further replies off the forum and into mail as the back and forth was pointless (arguing with a fool makes you foolish). I quickly realised he’s trollposting for visability for some CSM campaign. Your reply indicates he’s a shady twat too which can’t say I’m surprised about either.
If elected to the CSM he’ll be yet another great example of a portion of the playerbase for CCP to ignore - a primary function of the CSM.

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He can not get elected. Not only would they not allow him, there simply aren’t enough religiously fanatic wannabe heroic delusional idiots, like him, around, who would vote for him.

My commas feel misplaced. :confused:

It’s as always in this game/forum…

New ideas are beeing rejected as “not working” the moment they are made because they weren’t ingame 2003 in the first place…

Some people here are like those kind of religious fanatics that reject modern technology and live like in the 16th century without electricity,tv and machines because this stuff was not mentioned in the bible.

What are they called? Mormons?

Those people are the space mormons of eve online…

Even thinking of something “new”,may it be a new approach or a new mechanic,is blasphemic out of itself because it was not ingame 2003…

This is the real problem this game has…its fanatics and space mormons,its bittervets and no-sayers ,all those people that stand in the way of a new,more modern,more succesful eve are much too loud and they should simply be shutted up by ccp…

Amish you are thinking of.

In regards to the topic;

I see no change, it hasnt affected me at all.