Has moon mining improved the game or just added more of the same content?

Would love to know your thoughts.

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Some recent discussion on this can be found here:

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Not really. Attacking Rorqs is annoying, Titansuper umbrella make it especially hard to interfere with in the most defended areas, low sec moon mining is nearly completely dead and high sec moon mining can be entertaining but fosters even more AFK Orca swarms.

Read: More active stuff doesn’t mean things become better.


But active stuff is still more interactive and objectively better compared to 1-person afk income.


I don’t know.

I think it improved the game because it’s now active content instead of being passive.


In my opinion it’s good because I believe afk income is bad for a game especially at that scale. My only problem with the change is that the t2 material costs for ships did not go down to compensate, resulting in t2 ships being very overpriced. I think the material requirements should be cut in half or more to bring more variety to ships people fly and are willing to lose. Earlier this year it was almost the same price to fly a T3C as a HAC before they reinstated SP loss, that should have been enough said.


I doubt that very much. Fights over moon towers were more engaging than fights against Rorquals. Not to mention that it was not all that AFK thanks to siphons, especially in low sec. And it was also not a 1-man show because fueling, harvesting and maintaining reactions required more than just 1 character or actual person.

Nowadays? You can harvest entire moons with just 1 actual person thanks to Rorquals and reactions in Refineries are so easy to maintain that you can do that with just 1 actual person, too. You just have to have enough alts. So, it is only more active on the surface. Look deeper and it is just as afk and concentrated on few people as it was before.


Back before Refineries I ran 16 poses solo and used up to 4 alts to accomplish this. I loved it. It was hard work but the hard work paid off. Now, I run a refinery, in space, not on a moon. I import all the raw material and use alts to produce the same advanced product as I did before refineries. What I am seeing is an increased amount of work required for a considerable sink in pay. Raw materials have, in most part, increased in price or remained the same but the selling price of advanced products has largely decreased but daily selling volume doesn’t appear to have changed.

I can’t work out what systematically levers are producing this result.

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Looking at the 12 month trend compared to 3 month trend it produces some interesting perspective in terms of daily selling volume.

It appears across the 15 advanced moon materials there is a considerable decline in daily selling volume over the last 3 months meaning, for me, a reduced amount of buyers. Based on Jita history that is.


it’s alot easier to interfere with moonmining now, compared to the old passive POS moonmining.

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Unpopular opinion however I’d go as far as to say refineries haven’t worked and that’s coming from the point of view of an intermediary who likes/liked the old methodology. From a systematic point of view i think it’s impact is still yet to be seen but we are starting to see what switching a mechanic from a fixed passive source that was organised to a mechanic that is less organised is doing to the game.

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I think for people who had access to moon mining before the change its worse but for those who never had access to moon mining before is new content.

I miss the tinkering of Poses required to do my complex reactions. It was a different activity than running bpc jobs in a factory. However, it wasn’t a terribly distributed system in the past.

In a fashion that’s become typical in the last few years a rather unimaginative approach was taken to moon mining. I never understood why the upwell structures didn’t become buffing beacons in their own right, for example.

Mining for roids, mining for ice mining for moon goo, mining for sov, the only one left is planetary mining.

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Lol I guess so.

Yes and No. I think by making mining more active it is better than the passive system before. But I think it has added a huge influx of minerals to the game that has just increased its availability and broken the limitations of where the different ores were found previously in the different security of spaces. I think they should’ve limited the minerals to their respective previous security spaces. Other than that I like the moon mining currently way more than the previous passive pos based bit.

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I very much doubt that. You could engage a POS just as easily as a Rorq, or rather it was just as difficult as it is to engage a Rorq.

Ores are fine, they never should have added excavators

I would add moon mining to 0.6 systems in hisec too. I think adding them to hisec was a very good move and has generated more content even if people blow them up with no defence, it is still content and people taking a risk with an expensive structure.

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Not sure you can call a structure expensive when it’s no more ISK than popular mission running ships.

I realize you wrote this a month ago, but I just went looking and found MANY T2 ships selling a one year low prices.
Most of those I have looked at have had prices falling consistently for the last six months or more.

Expensive as in an expensive loss, how often do people lose mission running ships as compared to people losing Athanors in hisec? Then you have rigs which are really expensive especially if you go for better indy. It is an expensive structure which is sitting there and so very easy to kill while I can dock up my mission boat and be in a corp without structures. So no comparison…

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