Moon Goop

No point in doing it.

I had a nice 1.5 bil every 2 weeks moon and now…its not even worth the fuel costs and effort / risk of mining.


I get it changes were needed but at least make the effort worth it and cover the damn fuel costs.

For now you may be right and this may be true. However as the dev blogs have stated these changes are temporary pending an overhaul of the state of mining across the entire game. This is phase 1 where intentional scarcity will be imposed to draw down the amount of ore stockpiles in the game. Phase 2 will be a reallocation of resources. Phase 3 will be making resource distribution more “dynamic”, whatever that means. So don’t flip out, it’s up in the air now but it will eventually come down.


Thanks for the encouragement, but my statement still stands. They shouldnt bork it so much in the future that its not even worth it.

I get they test the extremes, but things usually get overly nerfed and returned over time historically.

I agree with this statement. It would be difficult for them to make such sweeping changes in a more gentle way without also dragging out the process over months or years. I think they’re opting for the quick and dirty approach that, while it will undoubtedly ruffle feathers, will also allow them to move fast enough to make the pain relatively short term. I’m not sure there’s really any “best” way to handle the changes, but the changes needing to be made are undisputed. Ore harvesting had reached insane levels that made capital proliferation potentially more dangerous to the game long term than doing something about it.

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(…) so everyone cry know when economy must be fixed hard way.

Fixed that for you

Youre about as useful as tits on a bull.

CCP are watching the subs as each AFK Orca miner unsubs they’ll put more ore back in for you but please emo rage at how much digital money you’re loosing.


I love it when you uneducated folks come on and talk about emo raging or crying. Allow me to clue you retards in.

Its not about what im losing or about to lose etc. I can always adjust like a grown up. its about having something still be viable.

Your complete lack of understanding on this is evident by your oft used and usually abused emo rage or crying BS.

You people are usually 80% of the problem. If you dont have any real input, you should stfu and let the balls drop kid.

and this doesnt include Lord Kalus, the only grown up to respond so far.

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