Moon mining questions

I have been watching some of Jin’taan’s videos recently after getting back into the game and I am wondering if anyone out there has any ideas on the current state of moon mining. I noticed back in the old days that Goons pushed for a massive war with a patch years ago that threatened their Tech empire, and these days people seem to be complaining about null being stagnant. I am wondering if the new way of moon mining might have anything to do with it. We saw the super capital umbrella being used to great effect after the latest moon changes, and as a band-aid solution CCP changed cynos to make this method of defense non viable. I am wondering if loosing this safety net will push people out of the game. I know we are a tough old bunch but there was already some massive inflation after moon mining switched to the more hands on approach of the refineries. I am no expert on this matter but I wonder how getting rid of the super capital safety umbrella will affect moon goo prices, and in turn the player base.

Again I am no expert but I do wonder if making it so much harder to get tech 2 ship materials will cause some unforeseen problems in the future. I get that the old method was much more hands off, but you could easily kick over a moon mining POS on your own schedule, and the capital involved with getting one up and running was significantly less. I am not saying we should make moon mining an afk activity again, but I do wonder about how this will change the economy / player base. I like to spit ball a bit so I think at some point these changes would cause some major alliances to just agree that they won’t hunt each others miners, and some to go out and hunt these alliances aggressively. This would in theory cause more pvp, but I think the biggest alliances would start to bleed members who are tired of just shooting Rorquals, and engineering complexes all day.

Sorry for the long winded post but I just wanted to see what others think of moon mining, and null sec boredom in relation to each other.

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First of all think about how most alliances do their moon mining. They would control the moons, they would buy what was mined, process it and then take it to hisec to sell for the alliance. That would mean protected Rorqual fleets mining as quickly as possible with protection ready to come in. Step back and think, for the big alliances they had to keep doing it, the medium and small ones were looking at higher risk. Now that CCP has pulled back from the blackout those smaller and medium sized alliances are able to get back to it.

Expect the moon goo to go down in price, but it might take time to ramp up again.

The major alliances play to weaken each other and this is such an important strategic asset, they will always attack this.


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