Moon Changes and Low Sec/Fac War

(Nameira Vanis-Tor) #1

Hi All,

So regarding the new ‘moon goo’ revamp coming soon. (In short moon stats re-rolled and active mining away from the safety of a structure to collect) what impact do we think this will have on Low Sec/Fac War if anything?

Do we think the moon empires of the large pirate groups will die off? Will larger Fac War groups start fighting each other to establish ‘home systems’ in moon rich systems? Will moon mining become a viable income for small/medium sized Low Sec groups? Etc etc

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #2

Lowsec PvP and pirate corps which relied on moon goo are going to have to change their approach.

Since I do not foresee most of these groups doing any mining, they will either have to give up on moon goo or figure out some sort of rental strategy or something.

Either way, lowsec moons will generate more content. Someone or other is going to try to mine the higher value moons, which means mining ships in space and others trying to blow them up.

It still remains to be seen how all this will work in practice.

(Mephiztopheleze) #3

lowsec pirates will simply hotdrop anyone mining in range of their staging system and steal the goo.


They’ll just adjust to the null models. Or wither away. One of the two.

(Sam Knob) #5

You can’t adjust to the null models in lowsec, because these models simply don’t apply. You’ve got less options to defend ‘your’ space and there’s NPC stations everywhere. You effectively cannot prevent your worst enemy bringing any amount of subcapitals, carriers, dreads or faxes right to your doorstep and staging them out of a station.

If moon mining in lowsec is going to yield some unique materials that cannot be mined in HS/NS/WH or happens to become extremely profitable then there’s a very small chance some lowsec groups might start exploiting those riches, otherwise Moons in lowsec will become just as irrelevant as asteroid belts.

(Duran Predur) #6

I have really good hope about the next to come moon mining changes.
Lowsec poweblocs cries out in pain that they wont use it? Seems good to me, vacuum does not exist, we will see smaller entities taking those moons and actually mine them. There will be ninja-mining, politics, diplomacy and fights, at smaller scale, so that more people could engage in it.

(Tristan daCuhna) #7

I foresee ventures, lots of them.

(Duran Predur) #8

If people are not able to farm moons properly yes, there will be ninja-mining at an extensive level!

(John AO1Bell) #9

yes, the age of the prospector is upon us. Cloaky and stabbed.