Moon Mining Surveys

I know you can use Moon Mining Probes to conduct a survey of a mineral contents of moons. Is there are market for such surveys? In other words can an explorer go into a system, produce a report of all of the minerals of all of the moons in that system and sell it somewhere or is there just not that much activity to warrant something like that?

From my experiences I have not seen anyone request things like this. They are quite easy to do, and things are thoroughly mapped out already in NS/LS. Biggest sticking point is how easy it is to go map all the moons.

WH/HS moons are “common” moon goo (I frogot the term been a while since I worked with moons) meaning moons in WH/HS are not valuable or rare.

You would think WH space would have better moon goo than HS space. :thinking:

Thanks for the input. Yeah I agree…you would think that WH space would have better moons …I would have thought. In my opinion, CCP needs to open up the cluster and add more systems that no one has seen yet to free up space and bring in players and loosen up things for new corporations.

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absolutely no
there are already many systems with very few people
creating new systems would just reduce even more the activiy in systems, encounters, pvp, competition etc

This game is not a simulation of space exploration.

Interesting. You are the member of a relatively large alliance that has sovereignty over a pretty large portion of null sec. Are you saying no one is there?

He’s a renter, and pays a premium price for the privilege of being able to mine a “good” moon where any hostile 10 jumps out in any direction will get bot-added to intel, and all active mining systems will have 5+ large bubbles on each gate and a warp-catch bubble 100km off inside the site for near absolute safety.

His only concern is that if better moons are brought up elsewhere, then the value of his moon would go down in a relative sense as lower cost moon goo materials enter the market…but his rent stays the same

IMO a better solution would be reoccuring moon rotations. Every time period (month, or every other month perhaps), the moon yields are randomized within certain limits of security (lower security → better and more valuable moons), but with a handful of the better and more valuable moons in higher security areas… something where it would be worth regularly surveying the moons such that you know which ones to focus on with each moon cycle, and that would best be able to be taken advantage of with relocating athanors around to chase the better moons.

Would be nice for WH moons to be worth mining as well, It’s so very rare to find covetors and such in WH space.
I know that the nullsec CSM is vehemently opposed to breaking up the NS monopoly on R64, but it would benefit the game at large to do something about that stagnation.


Yes, I do want to say not even all of HS is populated. It’s like RL. We have cities PACKED with people centers of trade/innovation. However, with more people in one spot increases the crime rate.

Jita/surrounding systems is a city, the further you go from Jita (more jumps between you and Jita) the less populated it gets and the less likelihood that you will get ganked.

The critical point about this thread so far is that if you want a career in moon mining you pretty much need to go to null/LS. It’s pretty sad WH moons are on par with HS but WH space has more risk than HS. I do suspect politics to be behind this dynamic of how moons are distributed.

I like your idea provided the null sec blocs don’t just come in and plant Athanors all over HS as well, simply to stymie growth in HS. I’ve tried doing PI in high sec but nearly all the Customs Offices are owned by null factions and the rates they charge are punitive (many charge 20% or higher). This practice is simply used to stifle new player participation in PI and income, at least for those that want to remain independent. I do PI in low sec and its pretty profitable and I’m still independent from the null blocs …no offense to anyone. I just prefer that way of playing.

Yeah you are absolutely right with this line of thought. Not only that it would shake up established monopolies, it also would add content that can be fought over. And randomly found treasure always has the potential to escalate quickly, unlike the well-known but also well-fortified static locations that cannot be attacked anyway by most groups of the EVE universe.

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Interesting discussion guys. Thanks for the exchange.

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are you serious?
there is no renter in Imperium and Init space man. It has been like that since the end of WWB

The discussion was about creating new systems. But i suppose that your “GRRRR NS blocks” opinion made you jump onto the occasion

I do explo very often, mainly outside of friendly space. Just travel through space in LS /NS, you will see that most systems, at any moment, have max 5-10 people in it, except the staging ones.
So no there is not really a need for new systems. that was my point.


I’ve done some exploration as well and many if not most of the null systems I’ve been in have sovereignty claims. An independent small corporation cannot expect to go into such a system and attempt to conduct Moon Mining or even planetary operations (although PI might be doable), without eventually being targeted especially in an area owned by a large Alliance like Imperium or the Initiative neither of which I have any interest in joining. Ninja mining can be done obviously but that can be risky as well. You are however a member of the Initiative (Eve Who) so you have direct access to null systems(s) you can exploit . I would think you would (justifiably) defend territory that you occupy with some degree of vehemence against anyone trying to remove resources without your permission. And so would anyone else. Or am I incorrect? The fact that a particular area is unoccupied is really not relevant. If an entity like the Initiative owns a vast region of New Eden, the resources in that area are under their control. It doesn’t matter if those areas are unoccupied and underutilized. The Moon Mining and Planetary resources in those areas are for the most part unavailable to anyone else UNLESS they want to join that alliance. Not everyone wants to join a large imperial corporation. Sorry. That is just the way it is. I have no interest in it. Many other players don’t either.

Here is something else, when you say most systems have a max of 5-10 people in them when is that? Weekdays, weekends? That many people during the week would indicate to me at least significant activity …industrial activity most likely. Weekends are when people are out in large groups ganking, PVEing etc.

we are not talking about the same thing
Because you want to use your survey scanner on some moons, you initially suggested that CCP should create new systems so that new players could go and explore them. I answered to you about that point, that existing systems are not highly populated, which means there is no reason to create new systems. The objective is not to have more empty systems just because you want to activate your survey scanner on something .
eve is a pvp game, about competition for ressources etc, not a simulation of exploration of new systems. There are other games for that (No man’s sky, etc)
People have to compete for things. It can be ressources, market, not everythg is about shooting people. But all of this is pvp. that’s what makes eve special
This is a sandbox, it is up to you to find your place to live, the activity you like. If scanning moons is what you like and you want to earn isks from this, it is up to you to build your business, find people who would pay you somewhere, convince them, etc. this is where the challenge is. But the answer is not to create new systems.

To answer your last post: Init has itterally purged inhabitants of several regions (Feythabolis, Tenerifis,…) and made a deal with other NS blocks to let small alliances live there and fight (or not) against each other. Get informed before drinking the koolaid served by some anti-NS blocks.

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Let’s close this discussion. I originally asked if scanning moons was a service people might need. It’s not that important.

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