Moons suck

The current system sucks ass. The recent mining changes made it significantly worse.
No one wants to mine that ■■■■. T2 stuff is cheap af even though most moons go unmined.

We own ~ 50 R64 that no one mines because it simply isnt worth the effort. The vast majority of people has no interest in this kind of playstyle. And before some smart ass says let someone else mine: Trust me, Ive been trying for over a year to find anyone to mine them. No one, I repeat NO ONE wants to mine them in LS. Its dead content.

And yet the market is still flooded with T2 mats since CCP doubled the Ore amount ( doubling the work too)
This system is clearly broken. I’m not even gonna say anything about passive income since I’ve lost all hope, but please have a look at how much ore actually just despawns because people cba mining junk. No one fights over these. No one mines these. No one cares about these.


Plenty of people moon mine.

This is your issue.
Why would anyone moon mine in low sec?

Because people are mining the ■■■■ out of moons elsewhere. There’s no good reason to do it in low. It has nothing at all to do with lack of interest in the playstyle and absolutely everything to do with the fact that it can be done in near perfect safety basically anywhere else.


I’m well aware that the issue is that it’s in LS.

I’m well aware that a bunch of the nullbrains love moon mining with their closest 200 friends.

That is exactly the point of my post. Half the moons in this game go unmined, and T2 prices are still cheaper than they’ve ever been.

The system is broken.

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ironic pirate complaining nobody will mine his lo-sec moons . :grinning:
the cycle of tears is complete .


It’s fine honestly, issue isn’t with the moon mining, it’s with t1 minerals, pi, and the introduction of more faction ships that have better aspects in various areas. As well as the munin nerf, people are trying to figure out new doctrines right now. There also aren’t really many null wars going on right now. T2 is just caught in the vacuum of everything else around it. I’d love regular minerals added back to moon ores myself but that seems unlikely to happen unfortunately.

hard knocks went through a similar situation a few years ago. When you evict literally everybody from WH spare, then suddenly there is no content in WH space and you are alone, and with nothing but rats to shoot at, and it gets boring.

Maybe you should look internally for what the problem is, and perhaps look at the self-inflected wounds, and improving things from that direction?
Note that the healing process is slow, and will take time, and require a lot of trust.


So get 200 friends and do the same thing in low sec. Problem solved…

I hate to say this, but Trottel is right.

Moons suck. There’s too much moon goo on the market right now, because it’s the only thing worth mining in a variety of places. There is no reason why so much critical ore should be gate locked into LS where literally nobody who lives there wants to mine it.


You get more than 4 people anywhere in LS and Snuffed Out will drop dreads on them.


Is this a post about moons or about politics?

Because low sec is like a Detroit ghetto, where the thugs rob anyone and everyone just for the hell of it, until everyone becomes so fed up with it that they all move out. They don’t want to be in high sec getting chased by Concord and the faction police, and they aren’t good enough to hack it in nullsec with the big boys, so they thug it out in low sec…


Stealing tires off Ventures and pimping out broken down Rifters with $3,000 flipdown LCD flat screens.:dark_sunglasses:


You joke but then those crappy looking corp emblems…


So Detroit 2.0?

I’d call it little Detroit, but another city already has that distinction

So many moutbreathers in this thread. Stay on topic and send me your salt via pm noobs

If we got the ability for an LP tax once you don’t have to leave Corp for fw, I’d be more than happy to see Crokite go to null

Wow, there’s social problems in low sec? Maybe there’s a magical game mechanic change that will solve these people-problems!

On a serious note, the correct change would require a lot of tears (nerfing high sec more) to further incentivize and reward players who leave the hi sec space.


I’ve tried living in the ghetto, even thought that an industrial player (social worker), could do well and placate the low sec (misunderstood), misguided souls, alas to no avail, my efforts, dead end, my rewards, nothing, my cargo… floating in space, moved back to high sec and never looked back.

This doesn’t work. Making high sec worse just disincentivises high sec players to actually play. If you move all level 4 mission agents into lowsec, then most players that have never left high sec will either start running level 3 missions or quit.

Players aren’t staying in high sec because the high sec rewards are so amazing. You can already increase your income by a factor of 10 by leaving high sec period, whether that’s wormholes, null, or lowsec.

If CCP want to populate lowsec they need to address the completely wild notion that lowsec is less risky than nullsec. Currently, nullsec has the greater rewards and lower risk. If CCP are ever going to be serious about populating lowsec with players they need to address the fact that it’s the medium place for rewards but the bad place for risk.

Low sec needs to be the medium place for risk in order to make it appealing to players. The only good reason to hang out in lowsec is to look for a fight, and that’s a great reason, but it’s not going to pull moon miners and PvE activity into lowsec no matter how much you ■■■■ on high sec players to try and force them out.

high sec players aren’t in it to maximise their rewards; they wouldn’t be in high sec if that were the case.


Well, tbqh lowsec is way better isk than Null, so I don’t think the risk reward is skewed in general.

But an R64 is the same as in null, just with less people that actually want to mine, and more people that want to pvp. So most of these go unmined - which completely removed the old content generator that were passive moons.

Despite the fact that people don’t mine it in low, moon goo is cheap af. So clearly the fix isn’t to incentivise people to mine lowsec moons, since that would just crash the market.

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