skŸlizer V2.4.5 - Analyzer & Helper for for Moons, Goo, Scan, Dscan and Structures

skŸlizer is a tool for Eve Online to handle any kind of scans and to gather as much as possible data from the scan.

Various kind of scan are supported like SCAN, DScan and Moon-Scan.

Corporations can poll their structures data to enrich the analysis.

skŸlizer combines and maximizes knowlege based on scans

  • for each moon show composition, amount and ISK for the goo and the refined minerals
  • order the list by moon value
  • filter by goo , refined minerals, refineries and more
  • list of anomalies, structures, citadels and flex structures
  • overview with a lot of added value like names, owner, next celestial nearby and more
  • links to English and German description of anomaly
  • add wormhole target by systems name or flat (high, low, 0.0, WH)
  • filter by type of anomaly (gas, ore, exploration, data, relic, combat, faction, wormhole, flex and structures)
  • search for solar systems and constellations with ease
  • navigate with an intuitive next/neighbour navigation

how to use

  1. Scan something in EVE
  2. copy’n paste your scan to skŸlizer
  3. view & filter
  4. share your findings with your mates

Want to know more?

how does it look like?

Anomaly Scans

  • just cut’n paste your scan
  • get a overview by anomaly type
  • links to English and German description of anomaly
  • add wormhole target by systems name or flat (high, low, 0.0, WH)
  • filter by type of anomaly (gas & ore, exploration, combat, faction, wormhole and structures)

Moon Scans

  • show the composition, amount and ISK for the goo for each moon
  • show the composition, amount and ISK of the refined minerals (“Ore”) for each moon
  • filter by goo or refined minerals
  • order by value (which moon is the R64 equivalent?)
  • polls daily prices from Eve via ESI call
  • for Moon-Managers (specific right in the tool) create CSV exports

enjoy & fly safe!


Update 2019-04-16 (v2.0.5)

  • Added configuration support to grant access by alliance name(s).
    (see ./config/autoload/local.php : ally_allow)

I have Test the Webapp and can support it.
Thanks for the nice work!

The update today offers some more functionality you may find usefull:

  • Structures scans (Directional Scanner)
  • get a list with all citadels, engineering complex, refineries and towers
  • Refineries are connected whith the moon scans immediately
  • also get the postions next to a planet, moon, station or stargate with their distance
  • player given names are detected and stored
  • edit details like ownership and name
  • automatic replacement of refineries if type or name has changed
  • improved help for scan and dscan

Further fixes

  • remove anomalies and wormholes after a max lifetime of three days has been exceeded
  • improved user interface, became more condensed
  • table layout for Scan changed
  • more feedback in the after scan has been processed
  • improved filters

More details, see

2019-06-01 (v2.1.2)

Fixed some bugs:

  • dont show distances for anomalies, the next-celestial detection is not enabled for them
  • changed fonts to Roboto / Roboto Mono for better readability, some more slight changes to the UI
  • while refineries are not neccessary bound to a moon we have to treat them in the same way as any structure when calculating the next celestial and distance


2019-06-01 (v2.1.3)
Fixed a bug while scanning moons and improved the information messages shown afterwards.

Two updates:

In particular updating prices is now much faster and the quality of the prices show increased. The prices from evepraisal prices are much more up to date and I choose to use Jita prices. But you may go for another setting in Evepraisal (see configuration search for "evepraisal" in local.php :

2019-09-01 (v2.1.4)

  • remove all moon goo of a moon (requires moon.manage or admin)

2019-08-30 (v2.1.3)

  • update prices of moon material with prices from evepraisal

Replaced evepraisal by for fetching prices. Now the price indication for all moons is much more accurate.

Pro Tip, to find all R64 or R32 moons sort by “Value” to show the highest value on top of the result list. This is also supported for whole constellation.

2019-09-21 (v2.1.5)

Now skŸlizer fetches all data about your corporation if you login via the new “Corp Director Login”. That’s neccessary only once. From now on skŸlizer will update on a regular shedule even if you’re not logged in.

Some may say “oh, another structure browser”. But this one shows your Athanors and Tataras together with the moon data.

The next development is about a dedicated mining ledger for coporations or your alliance.

But that’s not all. skŸlizer now supports scans of Ansiblex FLEX structures (Jump Gate, Cyno Jammer, Cyno Beacon) - Kudos to ‘pvyParts’ for his pull request.

2019-11-01 (v2.2.1)

  • fetch stations and citatels of the corporations, update each few minutes to add all your stations to skylizer
  • show details like chunk arrival and fuel expiry
  • support for Ansiblex FLEX structures (Jump Gate, Cyno Jammer, Cyno Beacon) - Kudos to ‘pvyParts’ for his pull request
  • remove corporation structures from DB no longer provided by ESI
  • New login for Corporation directors or at least members with roles “Station Manager” and “Accountant”

today just a smaller one.

The tool bin/skylizer.php can export already scanned moon goo data into a file. The file is written in the format of an EVE moon-scan. Possible filters to select the data exported is by userID, solarsystemID or constellationID.

The corporation update process was not resilient enough against unwanted events who broke the execution like a problem with the database connection. Now the system checks if active jobs older than an hour exist. In that case the job is set back and able to restart.

2019-10-06 (v2.2.2)

  • shell script to export MoonGoo using the EVE format by userID, solarsystemID or constellationID into a file
  • sometimes the structures updater hung, will now get reset and restarted after one hour

is it possible to create a scan section that is intel reporting ? like etc…

also possible to open certain tools up to public and not require login?


Sorry, but thats not the plan nor the scope of the tool yet. skŸlizer is about non moving objects, to analyze and track them.
Maybe you would like to elaborate a bit about your idea, in particular some stories from users how they used a imaginary tool and what the benefit was for them?

bump :slight_smile: Had not find the time for furhter improvemets… but will do

this release is about user contributed ideas and fixes.

2020-03-14 (v2.3.1)

Ally/Corp importer only gets Corporation in Alliances. Now if entering a Corp name or ticker add ‘+’ to
force a deep search on ESI, may take a while but will find anything (issue #30)

further updates

  • Chunk duration was not calculated properly
  • better highlight for ripe Chunks and if Fuel goes empty
  • Hover over Chunk or Fuel duration shows due date
  • Error handling of elaborated logins (corp directors) improved
  • Don’t overide user settings from database on loging in. (patch from Aaron Kable)
  • composer package name improved to meet upcoming v2 standard

New module “strcuctures”, show next 10 ripe moons, shows next 10 structures to be refuelled and shows timers.

Much better handling of status messages and errors if polling structures from ESI.

Some more Bugfixes and small improvements

2020-04-10 (v2.4.3)

  • Bugfix in structur fetch who stalled the queue fixed

2020-04-06 (v2.4.2)

  • New moon scan replace the old one

2020-04-06 (v2.4.1)

  • Timers now working as expected and visually improved
  • When fetching structures handle 3xx and 5xx ESI errors as recoverables

2020-03-29 (v2.4.0)

  • New module “Structures”, shows next Moons, fuel due for structures and structure timers. The module is in a early state, filter is not supported yet, structure timers are not perfect because of the lack of example data (have no timers yet :slight_smile:

some more bugfixes and small improvements:

2020-05-09 (v2.4.5)

  • error handling improved to avoid paused queues, catches now err 500 on authorization and token refresh

  • Structures: show ripe moons also from past 3 days

  • Moons & Scan: show proper chunk arrival time in lists

2020-04-11 (v2.4.4)

  • timezone set globally to UTC, similar to EVE-ESI to solve problems on some installations

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