Mining Ops Program - how to know who gave what?

Is there a tool or program to find out what each of the miners in a mining op gave to the orca?

I have heard that there is a software which checks the mining ledger of each individual miner and calculates their total mined ores in that system on that day,…

I am not sure what ESI and SeAT, but they are somehow involved.

I don’t see anything on the wiki, but that doesn’t mean that nothing exists. However, I seriously doubt it’s worth the effort to track each miner’s contribution down to the individual m3. All the mining ops that I’ve participated in have simply logged time in fleet and ship flown, and then used that to calculate payout. Naturally, different players will have different mining rates due to skill and fit variation, but most people don’t find it worth it to worry about those differences when it comes to friends/corpies.

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For moon mining, the refinery will tell you who mined what, if you own the refinery you can see that…

as far as what shippy said above would be the best bet… or simply ask the miners what their max yield is for the ship they are flying and ask them to deposit that when moving to the orca.

or whoever is piloting the orca, can keep track if not everybody drops ore at once

I usually keep a browser tab open with a spreadsheet. Lists names in a row across the top and a total below that, then every time I pick up ore from them I add a new entry for the m3 scooped. Sort into sheets by ore type and you’re on your way to success.

It’s a little tedious, but less so than keeping notes and adding it up manually.

Of course, the ultimate solution is to just run a buyback in the field. Pay out pilots for volume mined as you scoop it and so long as nobody ganks you you’re good. Then you don’t have to worry about adding up quantities and paying it all out at the end of the day.



And if you have combat ships on guard duty, don’t forget to pay them too.

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I usually do in field buy backs. I’m not very good at spreadsheets and what not so just buying the can in field lets me keep track

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