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Returning player: Years ago there was a third party app called mining buddy, it was a great mining fleet organizer tool and kept track of not just who mined what but you could also setup payment per ship type/class. So you could pay haulers and security a percentage cut or ventures less than exumers of total haul. anyway it was great and had great features anyone know where it or something like it went. The mining ledger isnt quite what im talking about

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When I organised mining fleets for the corps I was in I built a simple spreadsheet (Google Sheets & shared). The mining boss just put in the fleet member names, logged times in fleet and you got a weighted share. Worked very well, if you had one or 2 alphas join you then most members would be happy to give them a bit of yield to give them a leg up.

Some corps take the yield calculation to the nth degree which just causes arguements so we opted for mostly time in fleet, if you bring an alt then thank you very much, u still get a single share. Only effort gets reward and the fleet boss is the boss, his rules.

Thank you that is helpful. Still trying to find mining buddy or whatever it turned into though, if anything.

You want me to root out the template, send you a link in-game?

that would be awesome thank you .

So Ive found the origional developer of Mining buddy


and the developer for the “replacement” destruct-ore


but its hard to reach out and get a response. so if youre reading this either of you please help

NP, I’m at work right now so I’ll mail u later bud.

Thank you

Maybe mining fleets are a bit different now but I enjoy rocking the old Miners mining, orcas buffing and haulers taking them from orcas, but you cant seem to track that with the ledger. as the hauler and orca arent contributing directly so how much do you pay them or security personel

General answer is “it depends”. If I was boosting then I would only take a single share, if others in the corp were boosting then I would accept them uping that share to about 1.25 . Some new alphas we used as a miasmos hauler (busy work!) and would give them half a share plus usually the loot box at end of shift, some alphas preferred to mine which was fine as well.

We didn’t use security really, only exception was when we had an ice fleet when we would sometimes put 1 or 2 in ewar frigates (alphas can train up for this easily).

Reason for this was generally security work is boring, no one wants to do it, you’re not mining etc. Mostly we had good fits suitable for the system, usually had our corp standings up to date to mark out the local ne’er-do-wells and someone on dscan duty. This was generally enough.

Of course, if we were in low/null, everyone dscans and trains Paranoia to V with regular caffeine implants :slight_smile:

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thank you big help, you may have mentioned it before but what would constitute one share. Is it Total amount in volume or isk divided the total number of players?

lets say we have orca buffing
skiff mining
and iteron hauling

they mine 1mil worth of stuff how would you break that up

Generally it was a weighted calculation on the number of units mined of each ore. Orca/Skiff gets a share each, hauler a half-share, further weighted by time in fleet, so if Alice Skiff is in fleet for 60 mins and Bob Skiff only 30 mins then Alice gets twice as much as Bob. If however Bob’s yield is 20% more than Alice’s you can weight it further but as I said we didn’t bother with that.

So end of shift the units would be divided up between all fleet members. They could then choose to compress/haul their ore, or sell it, contract it etc. Fleet boss can decide to make an offer on the ore, we would sometime do that for alphas so they got an instant return of isk.

Try or something like that . It’s an awesome tool.

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thank you this is helpful, do you know of anymore tools like this

For fleet/ corp management not, but I have a very nice industry/ market sheet. Mail me and I can talk more

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