A new way to track fleet mining

i dont know if exist a way to track down all people that you invite in a fleet for mining, but it could be very helpful to add a tab named fleet mining ledger and track all member that did mine with you when you are fc, that will be less bothersome then ask all the time for the mining ledger of everyone. what do you think about it ? will the derv respond to it waiting for an answer

Back when, we just used a Google spreadsheet and tracked “time in fleet” and based ore shares on that. Works well if you all have similar yields and boosts any newbros who then get oversize shares. If however you have fleet members insisting on yield based shares it can still be done but can cause friction between the miners.

Personally as fleetboss I insisted on time in fleet, anyone argued then they had the option of mining on their own unboosted.

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