Mining Fleet Payouts

For those of you who mine with a fleet on a regular basis, how do you calculate the payouts for each member? I know there’s many different ways you could do it, and I’m curious about the different ways people approach it.

keep the math simple and take respoinsibility by using your mining ledger. determine what you mined and whatever adjustments your fleet has agreed on. some use a google doc to copy and paste the ledger into

How do you use the mining ledger for your fleets? I don’t use the ledger for my fleets.

So we use a setup via spreadsheet. Everyone is paid out in time participated. Depending on skill/ship their operating that time is ‘weighted’. For example ventures would be weighted at .75 compared to barges at 1 and the FC/Orca at 2. This means an Orca is paid at basically double time, verses the venture making 3/4.

This covers fuel costs for the FC and compensation for boosting etc. Wile ventures may be paid out at only 3/4, these new pilots still make more because we process our ore. So payment is based on the accumulated mineral value from the ore mined in the end. Consolidating the reprocessing to a designated individual with maxed skills, implants, and upgraded refinery etc, maximizing the value of the ore, even in HS.

We then either sell the minerals, or in most cases the Corp uses them for ship production to sell at further profit.

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