Mining Ledger time check in hours

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Is there a possibility that the in the Mining Ledger we could see stats more granularly in an hourly basis? That tool would be awesome for mining fleets with orcas and haulers where all ore is collected by one person. Then individuals from the fleet could ask to either have the ore they mined back, reprocessed or get a cut from it’s sale based on the ledger presented.

Right now with a day-based stats check it can’t be done, since if someone mined anything earlier that day it would bleed into these stats.

Just asking, cause there is potential for it to be used to make all the mining fleets use a dedicated hauler for all of the ore, slightly boosting mining performance. And that single adjustment in the Mining Ledger would make it easy and at the same time use just the game ui with no strings attached. :slight_smile:


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This would definitely make things easier for mining fleet ops rather than keeping track of every wave of ore that comes in and typing it down to keep track, just chill, talking on skype or something, and in the end “show me the ledger if you want to get paid”

You could just grab the ledger at the beginning of the op, then again at the end and compare?

I could. But why if I also could ask for it once, bracketed from first hour to the last? :wink: It’s simple ui vs convoluted way of making your players go additional lengths to obtain info.

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