Make fleet mining more viable for non-multiboxed (ie true) teamwork

New players can bring along Covetor to speed up mining quite a bit, and seasoned players often bring along Orcas. On multiboxed accounts there is huge synergy to the different ship types, in real teamwork situations there are serious hurdles:

  • how do you fairly share mined ores?
  • how do you let your teammates make use of the Orca’s ore storage space?

There needs to be more assistance from the game itself to improve teamwork here. Possible improvements:

  • Autobuy for ores when players deposit it into the orca. Orca owner sets price for accepted ores.
  • Tracking of ore deposit amounts when players deposit it into the orca. (“donation” that may get rewarded later by the corp, maybe weekly payments for total ore mined and deposited).
  • Sort of a contract for ore delivery: deposit in an orca, the orca has a home base set where it will drop off your ores, keep a counter somewhere for the amount of ores delivered, or simply let the Orca owner define a delivery price per m3.

etc. etc. etc.

Just my first two cents. I’m certain there are simpler and better solutions to make teamwork fair and reliable even for players who don’t dump thousands of US$ per year into the game. And I haven’t even started on how to make a good payment system for mining fleet protection.

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If you do moon mining theres a ledger for who mines what which is one thing that can help.

That would be awesome

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Problem is let’s say I mined some ore just before the team fleets up. Later when I get the ledger there’s no way to tell how much I mined alone . I used to use a nice website called eve-hr that suits this very well, but would be nice to have that in game

It’s very easy to set up a Google Spreadsheet to manage the ore share for fleets, I’ve done this for all of my corps. We basically did a split based on time in fleet, that way the alphas or new omegas got a yield boost from the rest of us but it would be easy to input individual yield figures if you wanted. The orca pilot(s) got a full share but u can manipulate that, plus if you have alphas who want to haul you can give them half to a full share depending on what you want.

As for your autobuy options, just adding too much complication, I wouldn’t use.

Great proposals!

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