Improving fleet hangar hisotry

Hey there.

I recently joined a corp, and we do a lot of mining ops with Orcas. However, it seems it’s quite a drag when it comes to dumping ore in the Orca. The fleet loot history shows how much each member has mined, but does show who or how much has been dumping into the Orca. The Orca pilot has to keep asking who is dumping, and he has no way of knowing, if a pilot is dumping every other load of ores into the station instead of the Orca.

I therefore suggest to improve the fleet hangar history. If the Orca pilot (or everyone) would be able to, who used the Orca fleet hangar, and perhaps what they deposited, and perhaps took. This would be useful for all ships with a fleet hangar.

What do you guys think about this? I see it as a simple quality of life fix.


First topic i totally approve without understanding WHY its not in game yet ?

It is. Kinda. Use the mining ledger. That info’s also served by ESI, so your corp/alliance can make tools to use it as well.

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