Can you find out who took from a fleet hangar?

So, last night I let someone fleet up with me while mining in my Orca for some boosts. I gave him access to the fleet hangar because he was full, but I’m sure he took more than he put in.

My question is, is there any way for me to see exactly how much he put in, and how much he took out?

I do not know how to check this.
Thank you for your time and help.

Forgot to add.

This guy was in an EvE discord channel that I was in too, in there I mentioned that I do high-sec mining and that I have an Orca. He contacted me privately via a personal message (I did not know him before this message) and pretty much asked repeatedly over and over for me to fleet up with him while mining.

I’m not sure if that is against any rules, or if this was a “scam then theft”, because the whole contact part was done out of game, via my personal Discord account and not in-game.

Well maybe he did by mistake, or maybe scammed you, only way to maybe know how much you mined is to check your mining ledger.

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Whenever i group with fellow miners i always deny access to hangar and maintenance bay until i need it. I wouldn’t let anyone your unfamiliar with in a fleet have this access unless they are in your corp, or have flown with them fo awhile. i believe you can put upto a fitted bc in the maintenance bay. you dont want him flying off with that and leave you with a vacant venture. No this hasnt happened to me but was surprised at what i can keep hidden and make available to fleet. kinda cool

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You are a genius.

I didn’t even think of this!

It’s resolved, only 500m3 extra was gone, so a tiny tiny mistake was made.

I think that just because my cargo, fleet and ore hold was full, it was 2am so I was really tired, it was tough for me to keep up with all of the additions and subtractions from the fleet hold.

Thank you both for your time on this, you’ve been both so helpful with solving this.

No, there currently is no Fleet Mining Ledger, although there should be and players are asking for it.

Agreed. When you are mining as a fleet, this would be so handy to know who has what and who is owed what.

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