Accessing Fleet Hangers

I will caviot this whole thing with I understand you can turn on and off the ability to access your fleet hanger but…

If we have the ability to look at our fleets loot history, broadcasting history, combat logs and lossmails which may or may not effect us, why do we not have access to a log of all people who have accessed our fleet hanger which DIRECTLY effects us. As it stands now someone can be in fleet with my super and move the entirety of our fleet hanger out of our ship without repercussion as there is no way to track it. The GMs dont care as this is part of the sandbox world we live in but this would be a great QOL update in the future.

If you want to look at it as “this is a sandbox and they do as they want” I would agree but lets also look at it from a “Real World” scenario, your captaining a Supercarrier and another ship (presumably) pulls up along side of you and begins emptying every refit of your ship into theirs…would you not notice in some way? Im all for making money where you can and i get it there are safeguards in place but why would there not be a log when there is literally a log for everything else in the game?

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On one hand I agree that it would be nice to have logs to keep track of the fleet hangar.

On the other I think you shouldn’t make your fleet hangar accessible to fleet members if you don’t trust your fleet members.

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