Mining Ledger for Industrial Command ships

A ship log, containing a list of players and the ores deposited to your Rorqual, Orca, or Porpoise’s fleet hanger.

Maintain the log between connections etc, dont erase it…but allow the pilot to manually clear the log.

So you can collect people’s ores and transport them to the station, and return the ores to each player later.

This is a wonderful idea :slight_smile:

This would have been great back when the game design actually encouraged fleets with command ships and exhumers.

Now it just encourages AFK mining.

Normally rorqual/orca uses tractor beams to collect the jetcans. How can there be another player name in the logs?

Cans have owners. If ore is transfers to Orca (Cargohold, Fleet Hangar, or Ore Hold) then the transfer could be recorded per the owner of the can.

Apart from the fact that it is never implemented anyway, you take the ore out of the can, you do not move the can itself, so that the owner is no longer known, or rather you yourself are.

when a player deposits the ore directly into your ship’s fleet hanger, it can record the player who deposited it.

Sure, it will mean all the miners need to be grouped close to the command ship, but i guess thats part of the risk/reward. It would be nice if they could also count ore taken from jetcans, but that might be asking too much… it would be enough to just record who deposits/takes from the fleet hanger

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