Fleet Support Audit Log

My corp used to do highsec mining fleets where we’d mine for two hours, dump all the ore into an Orca, and everyone who showed up got an equal share of the lump profit, regardless of what ship they used.

We’d like to see a feature in which fleet support ships like the Orca and Porpoise have an audit log like some storage containers do. As I imagine it, the log would keep a record of who dropped what into the support ship, so the fleet boss could then provide payments equal to the contribution each pilot made.

Column 1: Timestamp
Column 2: Capsuleer Name
Column 3: Deposited/Withdrew
Column 4: Item Name
Column 5: Item Units
Column 6: Item Volume
Column 7: Estimated ISK Value

This data could be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet, and make it extremely easy for the fleet boss to see who contributed what to the mining op.

As it is, trying to keep track of individual contributions from Capsuleers is next to impossible.

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I’m afraid, that is by design.

I mean, since we can’t trust in some game mechanics that ensure everyone will get it’s “fair share” we are forced to trust other player (or do it all ourselves). Trusting other is a risk, it may generate conflict (AKA content).

Can you cite a source where CCP said so?

I didn’t claimed CCP said so, just that it seems possible.

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