Fleet hauler rock piles

If fleets could tag who mined what; then, there can be one hauler for a fleet of multiple different [corporate] pilots.

Getting a fleet started would be easier.

Implementation logic is as trivial as n different piles of ore/rock for n number of pilots.

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CCP has given us a ledger. Miners know exactly how much they mined and corporations know who mined what - at least for their own moons.

It isn’t perfect but, part of the game is figuring out how to use the available tools to your advantage - there would be no challenge otherwise.

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You could make a spreadsheet that calculated that for you. You would only need either an corp ESI, if all fleet members were in the same corp or individual ESI from all the pilots, if it was othervise.

No we shouldn’t have to.

The game should be better.

Surely there is a “drunk fleet night” version: simple.

this Is a problem that was solved by players well over a decade ago and since then CCP has given players more and more tools that has made it mind numbingly easy.

how individual groups have solved it separates the efficient and profitable ones from the disorganized rabble

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